Troop G Weekly Report 06/22/2020 - 06/28/2020

On 06/21/2020, Tr. Duda responded to mile marker 10 on I-295 to conduct a K9 sniff for a Troop B Trooper. No indications were present.

On 06/25/2020, Tr. Physic pulled over a vehicle for erratic operation in Portland. Tr. Physic summonsed Christopher Poole for OAS. 

On 06/26/2020, Tr. Keim stopped Glad L. Kombo (22) of Portland for speeding. Kombo was traveling 87 MPH in a posted 70 MPH zone. After doing a license check, Tr. Keim obtained information that Kombo had 2 active suspensions. Kombo was then charged with speeding, failing to produce license, and operating after suspension.

On 06/26/2020, Cpl. Cote stopped Jarrod Smith (49) of Chebeague Island on the ME Turnpike northbound in Portland for traveling 83 MPH in a posted 50 MPH work zone. He was charged with Criminal Speed (Class E).

On 06/26/2020, Tr. Duda was traveling home and stopped a vehicle on Route 135 in Winthrop after observing the vehicle cross the center line. The operator, Matthew Watson (59) of Winthrop, was on his way home from work and had been drinking. He was ultimately arrested for operating under the influence and transported to Winthrop PD for a breath test. He blew over the legal limit and was charged accordingly.

On 06/26/2020, Sgt. Pappas arrested Andrew McBride of Beverly, MA for OUI. He refused the intoxilyzer test.

On 06/26/2020, Tr. Physic summonsed Austin Martin for Criminal Speed for going 95 MPH in a 60 MPH in Portland.

On 06/27/2020, Tr. Darcy charged Ronald Willett (56) of Vassalboro with OAS as the result of a stop northbound on the turnpike in York.

On 06/27/2020, Tr. Physic stopped at a gas station in Auburn to get gas when he observed a pick-up truck pull in. Tr. Physic observed the driver stumbling outside the pick-up truck. Tr. Physic made contact with the driver and conducted an OUI investigation. Tr. Physic arrested Curtis Fogg for OUI, and Curtis refused an intoxilyzer test.

On 06/28/2020, Cpl. Cote stopped Sydney Fortin (20) of Turner on the ME Turnpike northbound in Portland for traveling 83 MPH in a posted 50 MPH work zone. She was charged with Criminal Speed (Class E).