Troop G Weekly Report - 05/23/2022 - 05/29/2022

On 05/21/2022, Cpl. Physic summonsed Stephane Kalonga for Criminal speed for going 112 mph in a 70 mph zone.

On 05/23/2022, Cpl. Cote stopped Philip Falcucci (59) of Revere, MA on the ME Turnpike northbound in Biddeford.  His MA Driver’s License was found to be suspended.  He was charged with Operating after Suspension and his vehicle was towed away.

On 05/23/2022, Sgt. Pappas summonsed Simon Romero-Polvo for operating without a license.

On 05/24/2022, Tr. Murray, Tr. Ellis, and Biddeford PD responded to the Biddeford Tolls for a reported one-vehicle crash. Michael Rossman (26) of South Portland struck the guard rail, drove through the toll, exited his vehicle, and then approached the toll collector. He acted in a belligerent, erratic, and aggressive manner and attempted to enter the toll booth. He admitted to using controlled substances, performed poorly on standardized field sobriety tests, and was arrested. He was charged with OUI-Drugs and Violation of Conditions of Release. His vehicle was towed.

On 05/28/2022, Sgt. Pappas summonsed Venkata Kona for operating after suspension.

On 05/27/2022, Cpl. Physic summonsed Bailey Alexander for Criminal Speed for going 101 mph in a 70 mph zone.

On 05/28/2022, Cpl. Physic arrested Katrin McCallum for OUI.  Katrin took an intoxilyzer test and blew over the legal limit.  Sgt. Wilkinson assisted.