Troop G Weekly Report 03/30/2020-04/05/2020

On 03/31/2020, Tr. Physic summonsed Christian Taylor for Criminal Speed for going 125 MPH in a 70 MPH zone.

On 04/05/2020, Tr. Physic covered a car/deer crash where a driver killed four deer and the driver left with no injury.

On 04/05/2020, Tr. Black was called to the Gardiner Service Plaza for a male in a vehicle with sheets covering the windows who stated, ‘he didn’t like this life anymore’ and had a pellet gun. The subject stated he wasn’t suicidal but was going to the hospital voluntarily to talk to someone. No crime was committed.

From Sgt. Doughty (midnight shift): The midnight shifts only had two erratic operation complaints for the week. One was a car reported weaving in the lanes that entered from New Hampshire and departed in Kittery before Tr. Harakles could locate it. The other was a possible tired trucker that was reported drifting. Tr. Libritz watched for it but did not see any trucks matching the description that were drifting.