Troop G Weekly Report - 03/21/2022 - 03/27/2022

On 03/20/2022, Tr. Anstett stopped Walter Robinson (53) of Kittery for Criminal Speed. Robinson was traveling southbound on 95 in Wells operating 107 MPH in a posted 70 MPH zone. Robinson was issued a summons for speed and expired registration.

On 03/21/2022, Tr. Anstett stopped Craig Waterman (44) of Malden, MA for failing to maintain his travel lane and speed in a construction zone on 95 in Westbrook. Waterman was believed to be impaired and brought to Scarborough for further testing. Waterman was charged with OUI, operating a motor vehicle while consuming alcohol, and speed 15 over in a construction zone.

On 03/23/2022, Cpl. Cote stopped Cheryl Tarbox (43) of Lynn, MA on the ME Turnpike at mile 49 southbound in Portland.  She was charged with Criminal Speed for traveling 96 MPH in a posted 60 MPH zone.

On 03/26/2022, Cpl. Cote stopped Dan Perez (28) of Yarmouth on the ME Turnpike southbound at mile 59 in Gray.  His ME driver’s license was found to be suspended.  He was charged with Operation after Suspension and his vehicle was towed away.

On 03/26/2022, Cpl. Cote stopped John Staples (51) of Lewiston on the ME Turnpike at mile 46 southbound in Portland for traveling 86 MPH in a posted 50 MPH construction zone.  He was charged with Criminal Speed.

On 03/26/2022, Tr. Anstett stopped Celso Cahueg Gomez (24) of Marlborough, MA for speed on 95 in Gray. Gomez did not have a license and was issued a violation for speed and charged with Operating without a license. The truck was turned over to a licensed operator.  

On 03/26/2022, Cpl. Physic pulled over a vehicle for operating erratically.  Cpl. Physic ultimately arrested the driver, Stephen Gallant, for OUI. Stephen took an intoxilyzer test and blew over the legal limit.  Stephen was charged accordingly.  Sgt. Wilkinson assisted.

On 03/28/2022, Cpl. Physic pulled over a vehicle speeding during the morning commute.  The driver, Joshua Bones, had a suspended driver license status for Accumulation of Convictions out of his home state. He was charged with Operating without a License.