Troop F Weekly Report 12-02-19 to 12-08-19

Incident Type:        ARREST - OTHER

Date:                      12/03/2019

Town:                    hamlin

Trooper:                Tr. Martin

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Martin was called to assist the USBP who had a subject parked in a vehicle in Hamlin that provided a false name. Tr. Martin learned that the female was on bail conditions with search and testing. A BP Agent advised that they had found what they believed to be Methamphetamine on her person.  The BP Agent field tested the substance and it tested positive for Methamphetamine. Tr. Martin responded and took the female into custody and transported her to the Aroostook County Jail where she was charged with VCR and Poss. of schedule W drug.

Incident Type:        WARRANT

Date:                      12/05/2019

Town:                    stockholm

Trooper:                Tr. Desrosier

Brief Synopsis:      In 2018 Tr. Desrosier received a report of an identity theft of an individual in Frenchville.  A man claiming to be the victim was involved in a motor vehicle accident and used the victim’s name while at the hospital.  The victim received a bill from the hospital in the thousands of dollars.  Tr. Desrosier conducted an extensive investigation and subpoenaed the medical records and video of the male using the false name.  Tr. Desrosier submitted his report to the D.A. office for a warrant.  On 12/5/19, Tr. Desrosier took a complaint of a vehicle parked partially in the roadway in Stockholm.  Tr. Desrosier responded and could not locate the driver.  While Tr. Desrosier was towing the vehicle out of the roadway a male came out of the house who was the suspect in the identity theft.  Tr. Desrosier took the man into custody.  The man was able to make bail and released with a court date.  

Incident Type:        OAS

Date:                      12/05/2019

Town:                    bridgewater

Trooper:                Tr. Kilcollins

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Kilcollins responded to the Bridgewater Port of Entry for a Canadian citizen who was operating on a suspended license out of New Brunswick.  Tr. Kilcollins responded to the POE and charged the man for operating without a license.

Incident Type:        operating w/0 license

Date:                      12/05/2019

Town:                    new sweden

Trooper:                Tr. Levesque

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Levesque responded to a car off the road.  A juvenile had taken her mother’s car without permission at 0100hrs and went for a joy ride on back roads.  The juvenile did not have a license and was charged for operating without a license.  Tr. Levesque had the vehicle towed and brought the juvenile back to her mothers.

Incident Type:        warrant arrests

Date:                      12/05/2019

Town:                    new sweden

Trooper:                Tr. Levesque

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Levesque located a male who was wanted on several warrants including a warrant for domestic violence assault.  The male was transported to the Aroostook County Jail and was denied bail

Incident Type:        assist local pd

Date:                      12/05/2019

Town:                    littleton

Trooper:                tr cotton

Brief Synopsis:      Houlton RCC learned of a male subject who had stolen a Dodge Durango SRT from a car dealership in Newport, ME. HRCC had information that the male could be headed to a residence in Houlton. At approximately 1850 hours, HRCC informed Tr Cotton that Houlton PD was in an active chase with the stolen SUV and they were headed North on Route 1. Tr Cotton observed the SUV drive pass the Houlton State Police Barracks at an estimated 120 MPH. Ultimately, The SUV had evaded law enforcement in Littleton. The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office, Houlton PD, and the Maine State Police all searched the area in Littleton to try and locate the SUV. At approximately 1915 hours, Tr Cotton was traveling on the Ingraham Road in Littleton when he made contact with an older male walking towards Route 1. Tr Cotton identified the male and confirmed that he had been riding in the stolen SUV but was not the individual that was operating it. The male told Tr Cotton that the person we were looking for was stuck at the end of the Ingraham Road. The male advised Tr Cotton the man driving was unarmed but would not comply with us. Tr Cotton and Sgt. Chad Fuller located the vehicle that was stuck on an unplowed portion of the Ingraham Road and conducted a felony stop and the driver of the SUV was placed under arrest without incident.

Incident Type:        theft

Date:                      12/07/2019

Town:                    oakfield

Trooper:                tr cotton

Brief Synopsis:      A male subject called Houlton Regional Communications Center to report that his 2005 Arctic Cat snowmobile from his driveway between 2200 hours on 12/06 and 0530 hours on 12/07. Tr Cotton determined that someone dragged the snowmobile to the main road, got it running and then rode it to a series of logging roads in Smyrna. Investigation is on-going.


Incident Type:        noise complaint

Date:                      12/03/2019

Town:                    St. John

Trooper:                Tr. Curtin

Brief Synopsis:        Tr Curtin spoke with a tenant of an apartment complex when he called to complain about the noise level from one of the neighbors in the area.  After speaking with the man, it was determined by Tr Curtin that the noise level was not criminal in nature and the issue was one best handled by the management of the building.

Incident Type:        FRAUD

Date:                      12/3/19

Town:                    cross lake

Trooper:                tr Curtin

Brief Synopsis:       Tr Curtin spoke with a residence of Cross Lake when the woman called and reported she had paid for a dog in an on-line transaction and had not received the animal.  The woman had also contacted the local police department in Texas regarding the incident.  At this point it is unclear if the issue was simply one of a poor business practice or if the woman was defrauded out of her money.


Incident Type:        ASSAULT

Date:                      12/07/2019

Town:                    hodgdon

Trooper:                Cpl. Michaud

Brief Synopsis:      Cpl. Michaud spoke with 2 women after the two had been involved in an altercation at a residence that both had been visiting at.  The women had been at odds for some time over social media posts that had been on-going between the two.  The two women ended up being involved in a physical altercation with each other and both came to the barracks to report the incident.  At the end of the investigation, both women decided that they did not want to move forward with any criminal process.  Cpl. Michaud urged both parties and their families to stop the back and forth on social media.


Incident Type:        THEFT

Date:                      12/02/2019

Town:                    Mars Hill

Trooper:                Tr. Casavant

Brief Synopsis:      Tr Casavant took a theft complaint from a local electricity provider.  An employee reported that it appeared a resident of a home illegally connected power to a building and was stealing electricity.  The investigation is ongoing.


Incident Type:        THEFT

Date:                      12/08/2019

Town:                    New Limerick

Trooper:                Tr. Sylvia

Brief Synopsis:      Tr Sylvia responded to a New Limerick residence when a property owner reported a theft.  The theft appeared to involve currency that had been kept at the residence.  The investigation is ongoing.