Troop F Weekly Report 10-28 to 11-03-19

Incident Type:         OUI

Date:                          11/03/2019

Town:                        bridgewater

Trooper:                   Cpl. Quint

Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Quint conducted a traffic stop in Bridgewater due to an observed defect on a vehicle.  The female operator admitted to drinking and stated she knew she should not have driven.  After field sobriety testing was conducted, she was arrested for OUI and transported to the Aroostook County Jail for a breath test.

Incident Type:         WARRANT

Date:                          11/03/2019

Town:                        Monticello

Trooper:                   Cpl. Quint

Brief Synopsis:       An anonymous caller reported a man was at an address in Monticello with active warrants.  Troopers had been trying to locate the man on the warrants but he was able to avoid them.  Cpl. Quint went to the residence and located the man under a vehicle in the driveway.  The man was arrested for the warrants and for refusing to submit to arrest/detention after he tried to escape the residence.  He was transported to the Aroostook County Jail and booked for the warrants and new criminal charge. 


Incident Type:         oui drugs

Date:                          11/01/2019

Town:                        houlton

Trooper:                   Tr. Bell

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Bell responded to US 1 in Houlton for a report a female slumped over her vehicle’s steering wheel.  The female was passed out inside the vehicle when Tr. Bell arrived.  The investigation and field sobriety tests led to the female being arrested for suspected OUI drugs.  A Drug Recognition Expert from Houlton PD assisted with an evaluation, and it was concluded that the female was under the influence of drugs.  The female admitted using prescription medications that were not prescribed to her.  The female was summonsed and released at a friend’s house.

Incident Type:         BURGLARY

Date:                          10/28/2019

Town:                        New Limerick

Trooper:                   Tr. Casavant

Brief Synopsis:        Tr. Casavant took a burglary complaint in New Limerick.  The owner of an abandoned property reported that someone had been in a structure on the property and had taken some property.  Tr. Casavant learned who the subject was that had taken the property and met with him.  The subject explained that he felt the property was abandoned and that was why he had gone onto the property.  The subject had met with the owner and offered to pay him for the items he had taken, but felt uncomfortable doing so on his own.  Tr. Casavant facilitated the interaction between the two men and the situation was ultimately resolved with no charges.