Troop F Weekly Report 08-29 to 09-04-22

Incident Type:         ACCIDENT - MULTI VEHICLE

Date:                          308/4/2022

Town:                        St. Agatha

Trooper:                   TR. DESROSIER

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier responded to a three-vehicle crash in Saint Agatha.  A man was driving and using his cellular phone.  He crossed the centerline and into oncoming traffic.  He struck one car head on causing her to hit another vehicle driving in the opposite direction.  The drivers had minor injuries, but no one was seriously hurt.  The man using his phone was issued a summons for the violation.

Incident Type:         OUI

Date:                          9/1/2022

Town:                        Hodgdon

Trooper:                   TR. CASTONGUAY

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Castonguay stopped a vehicle in Hodgdon for a traffic infraction.  Further investigation and Field Sobriety Testing revealed the driver was impaired with liquor.  Tr. Castonguay arrested the woman and brought her to the Aroostook County Jail for a breath test.  After the test, the woman was able to post bail for OUI and was released.

Incident Type:         vehicle fire

Date:                          9/2/2022

Town:                        ludlow

Trooper:                   TR. CASTONGUAY

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Castonguay responded to a vehicle fire in Ludlow.  The truck was hauling garbage and debris in the bed, and something caught fire while it was driving.  The fire quickly engrossed the entire vehicle.  The occupants of the truck were able to get stopped and exit the vehicle without injury.  The truck was a total loss.


Incident Type:         SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT

Date:                          9/1/2022

Town:                        Easton

Trooper:                   SGT. FULLER

Brief Synopsis:       Sgt. Fuller conducted TIMS training in Easton for Easton Fire Department.


Incident Type:         THEFT

Date:                          8/29/2022

Town:                        Saint Agatha

Trooper:                   Tr. Curtin

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Curtin received a theft complaint from a resident in Saint Agatha.  The victim advised she had a large pile of scrap metal that was supposed to be picked up at her house.  Before that person could pick it up, someone else came and took the metal without her permission.  Tr. Curtin developed a suspect and located the metal at his residence.  After meeting with him as well as the victim, they both agreed to handle it civilly and the victim did not want to pursue charges against the man.


Incident Type:         THEFT

Date:                          8/29/2022

Town:                        van buren

Trooper:                   tr. curtin 

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Curtin received a theft complaint from a resident in Van Buren.  The victim advised a package had been delivered from UPS and someone stole the package before she could get it.  Tr. Curtin reviewed surveillance footage at the Van Buren Housing Authority and was able to develop a suspect.  Tr. Curtin met with the suspect who admitted to taking the package and agreed to give it back.  The victim declined to press charges. 


Incident Type:         instructor

Date:                          8/29/2022

Town:                        hodgdon

Trooper:                   sgt. haines                                                                                                                             

Brief Synopsis:       Sgt. Haines taught a block of ALICE Training at Hodgdon High School. 


Incident Type:         PUBLIC RELATIONS

Date:                          9/03/2022

Town:                        frenchville

Trooper:                   tr. curtin

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Curtin attended a candlelight vigil for overdose victims that was taking place at a local park in Frenchville.  Tr. Curtin spoke with several community members about the drug epidemic and offered them support.


Incident Type:         OAS

Date:                          9/04/2022

Town:                        presque isle

Trooper:                   cpl. casavant

Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Casavant stopped a vehicle in Presque Isle for a traffic violation.  As a result of the stop, Cpl. Casavant charged a 50-year-old Houlton man with OAS.