Troop F Weekly Report 03-01 to 03-07-21

Incident Type:         oas

Date:                          3/02/2021

Town:                        grand isle

Trooper:                   Tr. Desrosier

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier was driving through Grand Isle and observed a vehicle not displaying registration plates.  He conducted a traffic stop and learned that the driver/vehicle owner had a suspended driver’s license.  Tr. Desrosier issued the man a criminal summons for OAS and for Unregistered Motor Vehicle.  The man was able to arrange to have someone tow the vehicle for him.


Incident Type:         ASSIST anOTHER AGENCY

Date:                          3/03/2021

Town:                        oakfield

Trooper:                   Tr. Castonguay

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Castonguay was assisting the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department with an investigation when they had probable cause to arrest a man for a bail violation.  Tr. Castonguay and the Deputy had been looking for the suspect.  While checking a residence in Oakfield, Tr. Castonguay heard noise from the rear of the residence and went to investigate.  The suspect was running from the rear of the house but was quickly apprehended by Tr. Castonguay.  The man was transported to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton by Tr. Castonguay


Incident Type:         VIOLATION OF BAIL

Date:                          3/05/2021

Town:                        mars hill

Trooper:                   Tr. Kilcollins

Brief Synopsis:       A bail check was conducted at a residence in Mars Hill. Nothing illegal was found at the house. The man was asked to submit to a drug screening per his bail conditions, but he refused to give a sample and was arrested. The man was transported to the Aroostook County Jail for a felony violation of his conditions of release.


Incident Type:         WRONG WAY DRIVER

Date:                          3/01/2021

Town:                        Oakfield

Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

Brief Synopsis:       State Police received several calls reporting a wrong way driver in the area of Oakfield on I-95.  Initial responses by Troopers were not successful in finding any driver operator the wrong way on the interstate.  Later during the day, a broken -down vehicle was found and Tr. Cotton learned that a separate operator had been attempting to assist the owner of the broken - down vehicle and had ended up driving in the wrong direction from a nearby exit in order to provide assistance to the motorist.  The operator was identified by Tr. Cotton and cited for operating the wrong direction on the divided highway. 


Incident Type:         ACCIDENT - MULTI VEHICLE

Date:                          3/02/2021

Town:                        Bridgewater

Trooper:                   Sgt. Haines

Brief Synopsis:       Members of Troop F responded to several crashes during a storm in Aroostook County.  Sgt. Haines responded to a multi-vehicle crash on Route 1 in Bridgewater.  Poor visibility from heavy winds and blowing snow caused several cars to become stuck and then were struck when other motorists could not see them.  Sgt. Haines sustained minor damage to his cruiser when a vehicle slid into his cruiser while he was investigating the initial crash.  Several main roads had to be closed off due to the dangerous conditions.   Tr. Flynn’s cruiser was also struck by another motorist in white out conditions while Tr. Flynn was assisting Troop F on crashes.


Incident Type:         OAS

Date:                          3/03/2021

Town:                        Monticello

Trooper:                   Tr. Mahon

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Mahon was monitoring traffic on Route 1 in Monticello when he ran a registration check on a vehicle.  The registration information did not match the description of the vehicle.  Tr. Mahon conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and confirmed the plates were illegally attached and the female operator was currently under suspension.  Tr. Mahon charged the 37-year old Bridgewater woman with OAS and Illegal Attachment of Plates.