Troop F weekly 05-16 to 05-22-22

Incident Type:         oas

Date:                          5/16/2022

Town:                        van buren

Trooper:                   TR. DESROSIER

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement in Van Buren and observed a pickup without an inspection certificate.  The vehicle was stopped and after an investigation it was discovered the driver had a suspended Maine driver’s license.  Tr. Desrosier issued the man a criminal summons and arranged to have a licensed driver come get him and the vehicle.  The man was issued a warning for the inspection violation.

Incident Type:         criminal speed

Date:                          5/17/2022

Town:                        grand isle

Trooper:                   TR. DESROSIER

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement and observed a vehicle driving 94-mph in a 50-mph zone.  A traffic stop was conducted and Tr. Desrosier issued the man a criminal summons for exceeding the posted speed limit by 30 mph or more.

Incident Type:         PUBLIC RELATIONS

Date:                          5/17/2022

Town:                        dyer Brook

Trooper:                   TR. CASTONGUAY

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Castonguay and Cpl. Quint conducted a speaking engagement for the freshman and sophomore classes at Southern Aroostook Community School.  He spoke about social media, sending/receiving explicit pictures and/or videos, and other activities.  The students were engaged and Tr. Castonguay and Cpl. Quint answered all of their questions.  Tr. Castonguay was accompanied by JCCO Kelly Hebert.

Incident Type:         OAR

Date:                          5/21/2022

Town:                        Mapleton

Trooper:                   TR. RIDER

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Rider was conducting traffic enforcement in Mapleton and observed a motor vehicle violation.  As he was trying to stop the car, it pulled into a private driveway.  Tr. Rider followed the car into the driveway and contacted the driver.  After an investigation, it was discovered the driver has a revoked driver’s license.  Tr. Rider issued the man a criminal summons for OAR.

Incident Type:         ASSIST OTHER AGENCY


Date:                          5/22/2022

Town:                        patten

Trooper:                   TR. CASTONGUAY

Brief Synopsis:       Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department requested assistance in Patten with someone trying to move a single-wide house trailer without a permit and without the proper equipment.  The suspect is well known and left the area before law enforcement arrived.  Penobscot County Deputies are still investigating this incident.

Incident Type:         Operating after Revocation

Date:                          5/20/2020

Town:                       Castle Hill

Trooper:                   Tr. Martin

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin was attempting to serve a Castle Hill man a notice for an upcoming court hearing.  Tr. Martin went to the last known address and was told by the owner the male subject he was looking for should be back any minute.  While waiting,  Tr. Martin heard a vehicle start to slow down but then kept driving.  Tr. Martin saw the driver and it appeared to be the male he was looking for.  Tr. Martin knew the male’s driver’s license was revoked and he tried to catch up to him.  Tr. Martin searched the area and eventually found the vehicle parked behind another residence.  Tr. Martin learned the male fled into the woods and was able to get the male to come out of the woods.  The male ran because he had a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear on an operating after revocation charge.  Tr. Martin issued the male the notice to appear in court along with a criminal summons for operating after revocation. 

Incident Type:         THEFT

Date:                          5/20/2022

Town:                        mapleton

Trooper:                   tr. roy

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Roy received a theft complaint from a residence in Mapleton.  The caller advised someone had stolen a tractor, mower deck and snowblower from the residence.  Nobody was living at the home at the time of the theft.  The investigation is ongoing.

Incident Type:         traffic arrest

Date:                          5/20/2022

Town:                        caribou

Trooper:                   tr. roy

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Roy stopped a vehicle in Caribou for speeding after it passed a vehicle in front of him.  Upon making contact with the operator, the female operator told him that the vehicle’s registration was expired, and she did not have insurance.  Tr. Roy also observed the inspection was expired as well.  Tr. Roy charged the 41-year-old Washburn woman with the criminal registration violation and warned her for the other violations.  The vehicle was towed from the scene.

Incident Type:         BURGLARY

Date:                          5/21/2022

Town:                        oakfield

Trooper:                   tr. sylvia

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Sylvia responded to two burglaries at seasonal camps in Oakfield.  Several items were taken from the locations and the investigation is ongoing.