Troop B Weekly Report 11/25/19-12/01/19

Incident Type:   THEFT

Date:                                     11/25/2019

Town:                                   LEEDS

Trooper:                              Tr. Nadeau

Brief Synopsis: On 11/25/2019, Jeremy Kirschmann called in to report his whole exhaust was missing off his 2003 Subaru, that was parked at his mother house on 701 Quaker Ridge Road in Leeds. Jeremy stated that all the exhaust pipes, muffler and catalytic converter were missing from under the car. Jeremy stated that the parts were stolen sometime in the last week and it is going to cost $1300 to replace everything. Jeremy stated that he knows for a fact it was his brother Josh Kirschmann and his friend Brian Cadorette that stole the parts. Jeremy stated that he has heard they have been stealing catalytic converters and car parts all over Androscoggin County. Josh Kirschmann was arrested and booked on FTA warrant on 11/30/19.


Incident Type:   DRUGS/WARRANT

Date:                                     11/30/2019

Town:                                   LEEDS

Trooper:                              Tr. Nadeau

Brief Synopsis: On 11/30/2019, Tr. Nadeau was called to the area of Bog Rd in Greene for a report of a truck that was stuck in a famers field. Once on scene, the farmer drove Tr. Nadeau out by UTV to the truck. Bog Rd is no longer a maintained road and is mostly impassible due to water and mud. Sometime early in the morning the truck drove down Bog Road and got stuck up to the doors. It was reported that around 0630 that morning a hunter heard a truck revving and two males dressed in all black, walked past his hunting shack. The man identified the two men as Jeremy Kirschmann and Brian Cadorette. The truck also had a business plate on the front of it that said Pierre’s Auto Body, which is owed by Brian’s father. Around 1130 hours, Tr. Nadeau responded back to Pierre’s Auto Body to see when the truck was going to be pulled out.  As Tr. Nadeau turned into the driveway, he saw a man dressed in all black, look at him and then quickly walk to the back of the business. The man standing in the driveway confirmed Josh was the one who ran to the back of the business. Josh had an active warrant and had fled from police several times. Tr. Nadeau ran after Josh, but he kept walking away from him and would not acknowledge his commands. Tr. Nadeau pulled his taser out and advised Josh he was going to get tased, but then Josh put both his hands in his pockets. Tr. Nadeau then drew his duty weapon and ordered Josh to the ground. Tr. Nadeau was able to arrest Josh without further incident. Josh also had one hit of meth in his front pocket that was folded up in a small piece of paper. KIRSCHMANN was booked on his FTA warrant, which had an underlying charge for meth possession. Tr. Nadeau charged Josh with Class C Possession of Meth and Class C VCR. Deputy Mejia charged Josh with Class C Theft for several catalytic converters he had stolen in the Greene area. Josh was booked into the jail and was denied bail.

Incident Type:           OUI

Date:               11/29/2019     

Town:             Androscoggin County                                    

Trooper:         Tr. Reny

Brief Synopsis:         Tr. Reny responded to the area of 937 N. River Rd. in Greene for the report of an erratic driver. When Tr. Reny arrived on scene the vehicle was stopped in the middle of the road and the operator was passed out behind the wheel. Tr. Reny approached the vehicle, turned shut the truck off and instructed the Operator to exit the vehicle. Tr. Reny asked the operator how much alcohol he had drink, when the operator responded Tr. Reny could smell the overpowering odor of intoxicants come from his breath. The Operator Kiel Haley had an extremely hard time exiting the vehicle. Outside the vehicle the Kiel had difficulty standing on his own. Based on Kiel’s inability to stand on his own Tr. Reny placed Kiel under arrest for OUI (Alcohol). Tr. Reny located a fifth of Captain Morgan’s in the center console and approximately ¾ of the bottle was gone. Tr. Reny transported Kiel to the Androscoggin County Jail where Kiel was Summons and Booked for OUI (Alcohol), Attaching False Plates and Failure to Sign a Criminal Summons.


Incident Type:           OUI CRASH

Date:                           11/20/2019

Town:                         Hiram

Trooper:                     CPL. Hink

Brief Synopsis:         At approximately 2200 hours, Cpl. Hink was at K9 Training in Cornish when Sgt. Hanson asked if he was able to respond to a PI crash on Pequawket Trail in Hiram in the area of the Hiram bridge.  Cpl. Hink responded to the crash and learned there was no injuries.  After making contact with Jon-David Nagle (4/13/79), the operator of the vehicle, Cpl. Hink determined he had been drinking.  Nagle told Cpl. Hink he looked at his cell phone and he went off the road.  Cpl. Hink conducted SFST’s, arrested him for OUI and transported him to Bridgton PD.  Nagle was charged with Operating Under the Influence with Priors and issued a VSAC for Hands Free Violation.


Incident Type:            OAS

Date:                           11/27/2019

Town:                         Cornish

Trooper:                     CPL. Hink

Brief Synopsis:         Cpl. Hink attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding on Ossipee Trail in Cornish for 64 in a 35.  Cpl. Hink turned around, activated his emergency lights and siren and followed the male onto a dirt road and into the driveway of 42 Rocky Hill Drive in Cornish.  Cpl. Hink made contact with the male operator, Kaleb Vaillancourt (26) who admitted to not having a license.  Cpl. Hink could smell the odor of intoxicating beverage coming from Vaillancourt and conducted SFST’s.  After showing no impairment, Cpl. Hink charged Vaillancourt with OAS with priors, Class C and Failing to Stop for Police.  Vaillancourt was also issued a VSAC for speeding.


Incident Type:         OAS                                         

Date:                          11/30/2019

Town:                       Auburn                         

Trooper:                   Tr. Willard

Brief Synopsis: On 11/30/2019, Tr. Willard stopped a black Chevy Equinox on the Manley Road in Auburn for a vehicle defect.  The operator, Scott Gagne was suspended and summonsed for the offense.