Current RTT

All full-time law enforcement in the State of Maine are required to pass the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Maine State Troopers take part in that training, and once accepted as Troopers take an additional 10 weeks of intensive training to become Maine State Troopers. 

72nd Recruit Training Troop

The 72nd RTT began training in February 4, 2019. RTT is in week four of its 10-week training program. 

Wrapping up two days of Incident Management Assistant Team (IMAT) training with a tour of the Mobile Command Unit. 



RTT Vehicle Pion
Specialist Michael Pion, a member of the Traffic Safety’s Crash Reconstruction Unit, discussing contact damage and induced damage with the Troop.  Induced damage is often the crumpling of a vehicle part that hasn’t come in direct contact with another object or vehicle. This information can be used in reconstruction, as well as any crash investigation. 


RTT Defensive Tactics
Training in Defensive Tactics.