May 2021

  • Troop J Weekly Report (05-03-21 to 05-09-21)

    # of School Visits conducted – 0

    # of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 0

    # of OUI Drug Arrests – 0

    # of DV Arrests – 0


    Sergeant Jeff Ingemi summonsed Tyler Howlett (25) of New Brunswick, Canada, for Operating After Suspension after a traffic stop in Edmunds.


    Detective Jason Fowler summonsed Angel Barnard (19) of Calais, for Driving to Endanger after responding to a crash in Calais.


    Trooper Kim Sawyer received a report of a theft in Robbinston of a 1972 Eviniude 125 hp, 4-cylinder motor from a boat sometime between May 2-today.  No suspects.

  • Troop F Weekly Report 5-02 to 05-09-21

    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          5/8/2021

    Town:                        Sinclair

    Trooper:                   TR. DESROSIER

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement in Sinclair when he observed a vehicle with poor operation.  Tr. Desrosier stopped the vehicle and investigated to include field sobriety testing.  No impairment was detected; however, the man had a suspended driver’s license.  Tr. Desrosier issued him a criminal summons for the violation and helped him arrange to have a licensed driver come get him and the vehicle.


    Incident Type:         Assist federal agency

    Date:                          5/3/2021

    Town:                        houlton

    Trooper:                   TR. CASTONGUAY

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Castonguay assisted US Border Patrol with locating a motorcycle that had gone through the truck inspection lane at the Houlton Port of Entry at a high rate of speed and without stopping for inspection.  Tr. Castonguay set up on the Interstate and located the motorcycle driving in excess of 150 mph.  The information was passed to other law enforcement to include the pilot of a Forestry Department helicopter that happened to be flying in the area.  The motorcycle exited the Interstate in Medway and raced towards Millinocket.  The man was eventually stopped by State Police and local officers.  The man was arrested for eluding, driving to endanger, criminal speeding, and will also face a multitude of charges from Federal officers.


    Incident Type:         OAs/Crash

    Date:                          5/05/2021

    Town:                        Allagash

    Trooper:                   Tr. Martin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin responded to Allagash when a resident reported damage had been done to a building he owned.  Tr. Martin determined that the damage had been the result of a crash that had not been reported.  As his investigation unfolded, Tr. Martin was able to locate the operator and vehicle that had been involved.  The owner was charged for Operating After Suspension, Failure to Report a Crash, and Leaving the Scene of a Personal Injury Crash.


    Incident Type:         Warrant Arrest

    Date:                          5/05/2021

    Town:                        St. Francis

    Trooper:                   Tr. Martin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin learned of a local man who had a warrant for his arrest for Operating After Suspension and Failure to Appear on Drug Charges.  Tr. Martin located the man and arrested him without incident.  He was transported to FKPD and later posted bail.


    Incident Type:         Theft

    Date:                          5/06/2021

    Town:                        New Canada

    Trooper:                   Tr. Martin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin responded to a New Canada business when the owner reported a theft.  Tr. Martin learned that a local woman had turned in a slip for the redemption of bottles but had falsified the document to indicate that she had returned more bottles than she actually had.  Tr. Martin located the woman and spoke with her regarding the incident.  Once the incident had been investigated, the owner was repaid the money that had been stolen and decided that since the person had repaid the money, they did not want to pursue any charges.


    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          5/04/2021

    Town:                        Houlton

    Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton cited of local man for Operating After Suspension and Violating Conditions of Release.  The man was pulled over by Tr. Cotton for having a loud exhaust and an obstructed plate.  The other violations were discovered during the roadside investigation.  The man was summoned to Houlton District Court for his offenses.



    Incident Type:         traffic offense

    Date:                          5/05/2021

    Town:                        Bridgewater

    Trooper:                   tr. mahon

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Mahon was monitoring traffic in Bridgewater when he observed a vehicle driving with no registration plates or inspection.  Tr. Mahon stopped the vehicle and as a result of the stop, issued the male operator summonses for no registration, inspection, and insurance.  The vehicle was towed from the scene.  Tr. Mahon stopped the same operator in a different vehicle two weeks prior and charged him with the same offenses.


    Incident Type:         FRAUD

    Date:                          5/05/2021

    Town:                        benedicta

    Trooper:                   Tr. Saucier

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Saucier took a report of a credit card that had been stolen in Benedicta.  The woman reported she had lost her credit card in mid-April and she learned someone had been using it around the Sherman area.  The card had been used at the Sherman Thriftway and they were able to capture the suspect on their surveillance camera.  The investigation is ongoing. 


    Incident Type:         Threatening

    Date:                          5/05/2021

    Town:                        Caswell

    Trooper:                   Cpl. Casavant

    Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Casavant responded to a residence in Caswell after a male called to report someone had threatened to shoot him.  Cpl. Casavant met with the victim who advised his father in law owned the housing complex and he had learned kids were throwing rocks at one of the houses.  When the male went to check, one of the juveniles gave him a hard time and allegedly threatened to shoot him.  Cpl. Casavant interviewed the juvenile who denied threatening the caller.  The case will be submitted for review.

    Incident Type:         ASSIST OTHER AGENCY

    Date:                          5/08/2021

    Town:                        Presque isle

    Trooper:                   Cpl. Casavant

    Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Casavant participated in a funeral procession for a local man who had suffered from a rare muscular disorder.  Presque Isle Police and Fire Departments had made the 35-year old Presque Isle man an honorary Police Officer and Firefighter in January of 2021. 


    Incident Type:         THEFT

    Date:                          5/08/2021

    Town:                        patten

    Trooper:                   Tr. Saucier

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Saucier took a call direct from a store in Patten reference to a shoplifting complaint.  The owner of the store was able to identify the suspect through surveillance video.  The investigation is ongoing and Tr. Saucier will locate and charge the male with Theft.

  • Troop B Weekly Report 04/26/2021-05/02/2021

    04/27 - The US Secret Service informed MSP Honor Guard that they had a line of duty death of a uniformed officer on the property of President Bush in Kennebunkport. They requested assistance immediately for Honorable Transfers of their fallen officer. The Secret Service also requested assistance in the planning and execution of a Level 1 Wake and Funeral Service for fallen Officer Keith Mills. Officer Mills was originally from Kennebunkport. On 05/01/2021 a Level 1 funeral was conducted in conjunction with USSS HG, MSP Motor Unit, NHSP Honor Guard Troopers, NH pipes and Drums, Portsmouth NH HG, Troop A, and Troop B Troopers. MSP motors and Troop A and B conducted an Honorable procession with family members along a route that included a stop a Walkers Point.  Upon completion they escorted the fallen officer and family to the Laurel Hill Cemetery in the city of Saco.

    On 04/29/2021, Tr. James responded to a roll-over crash on I295 in Brunswick. Both the female operator, and her passenger were transported to Maine General with minor injuries. The driver hydroplaned in the rain and hit the guardrail on the left of the highway. She overcorrected and the vehicle rolled and landed upright of to the right shoulder.

    On 04/30/21, Troopers Knight and Stewart responded to Otisfield for a female who was potentially harming herself. Upon arriving, it was eventually determined the female was not a danger to herself; however, it was learned that assaults between the female and her husband had taken place the day and night prior. After a lengthy investigation, it was determined the female was the predominant aggressor and she was subsequently arrested for DV assault. 



  • Troop G Weekly Report 05/03/2021 - 05/09/2021

    On 05/03/2021, Sgt. Wilkinson stopped a vehicle for speeding through the construction zone in Portland on the Turnpike. The operator was suspended and charged accordingly.

    On 05/04/2021, Cpl. Cote summonsed Joseph Fortin (28) of Canton, MA for Operating after Suspension on the ME Turnpike at mile 74 southbound. 

    On 05/04/2021, Cpl. Cote summonsed Ryan-Eric Richardson (31) of Auburn for Operating after Suspension on the ME Turnpike at mile 76 northbound.

    On 05/04/2021, Tr. Keim stopped Scott Farrington (45) of Greene for traveling 110 MPH in a posted 70 MPH speed zone. Farrington was summonsed accordingly.


    On 05/05/2021, Tr. Keim responded to a two-vehicle property damage crash. During his investigation, Tr. Keim obtained information that Anjelika Cray (29) of Lewiston was operating after suspension.  Tr. Keim summonsed Cray for operating after suspension.

    On 05/08/2021, Tr. Darcy charged George Haynes (40) of NH with Operating without a License after stopping him for speeding southbound on the turnpike in York.

    On 05/08/2021, Tr. Darcy charged a male from South Portland for traveling 98 MPH in a posted 70 MPH zone southbound on the turnpike in Biddeford.

    On 05/09/2021, at 0135 hours, Cpl. Cropper stopped a vehicle for speeding northbound in Kittery. The operator, Moises Perez (20) of Yarmouth was suspended, on conditions of release, and wanted for FTA. Perez was arrested and transported to YCJ for the warrant. Perez was also summonsed for the OAS and VCR.

    On 05/09/2021, Sgt. Wilkinson stopped to check on a motorist pulled off the side of the Turnpike. The motorist had crashed and was attempting to get towed as the vehicle was not operable. After further investigation, the female operator was transported to SMHC for further evaluations and subsequently charged with OUI.

    On 05/09/2021, Tr. Worcester arrested Keith Babin (58) of Saco for Operating Under the Influence on the ME Turnpike at mile 35 southbound in Saco.  His BrAC was over the legal limit.

    On 05/09/2021, at 2335 hours, Cpl. Cropper stopped a vehicle for speeding southbound in Saco. The operator, Anthony Gilbert (33) of Bedford, MA, was suspended in Maine. Gilbert was summonsed for operating without a license.

  • Troop D Weekly Report

    Troop D weekly activities for time May 3rd to May 9th, 2021

    On 5/7/21, at 1045 hrs., Tr. L Roddy and Rec. Roger Bachelder responded to a burglary at 11 Hummingbird Lane in West Gardiner. George Callahan (47) of West Gardiner entered his neighbor’s residence while they were not home and stole several items before returning to his residence. Callahan hid inside his residence and refused to come to the door. A warrant is being sought for Burglary, Violating Conditions of Release, and Theft by Unauthorized Taking.

    On 5/7/21, Trooper Anstett stopped Levi Capper (33) of Hallowell on a traffic complaint in Farmingdale.  Capper showed signs of impairment but refused field sobriety testing.  Capper was arrested for OUI. 

    On 5/7/21, Sgt. Neagle and Tr. Martin arrested Jamie Clark (37) in Farmingdale on three active arrest warrants after receiving a complaint he was involved in with a local towing company.  Bail was set by the court at one thousand dollars; Clark was unable to bail thus transported to the Kennebec County Jail.  

    On 5/8/21, Tr. L Roddy stopped Luis Roldan (25) of Augusta at MM 45 SB on 295 in Richmond. Roldan was charged with Operating After License Suspension. 

    On 5/8/21, at approximately 1430 hours, Tr. Harrington stopped Melissa Elwell (42) and Rosemary Garcia (50) both of Lewiston traveling northbound on I95 in Farmingdale for a vehicle defect. Criminal indicators were observed, and Cpl. Lacoste and K9 Bella were called on to assist. As a result of the stop, approximately 10 grams of crack cocaine and 26 transdermal Suboxone patches were located in the vehicle, as well as $3,000 worth of stolen stimulus checks. Elwell was arrested and charged accordingly. Tr. Roddy, Tr. Kelley, and Rec. Bachelder assisted with the investigation. 

    On 5/8/21, Cpl. Pelletier stopped Torrey Charnock (24) on Rt.1 in Brunswick for speeding at 90MPH in a posted 60. He was summonsed for the offense. 

  • Casco Remains

    From the desk of Shannon Moss, DPS PIO

    At approximately 3:26 pm on May 8th, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call from an individual reporting the discovery of skeletal remains at 196 Poland Springs Road. The call was made by a family member who was cleaning out their father’s residence who died earlier in the year.  The remains were found in an outbuilding on the property. The deceased father was identified as Douglas Scott, 82- years old.

    The Office of Chief Medical Examiner begun a post-mortem examination on the remains on Sunday morning, May 9th, 2021.  Additional testing and examination is likely to take place throughout the coming weeks.

    Detectives, deputies and troopers worked over the weekend investigating the circumstances surrounding this discovery.  Detectives and Deputies continue interviewing witnesses and other persons of interest at this time.  

    The Maine State Police Evidence Response team crime scene technicians are processing the scene and are expected to remain on the scene throughout the day.  The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department and the Maine State Police Troop B assisted in securing the scene and identifying witnesses.  The investigation is likely to continue into the coming weeks as authorities work to identify the remains and the circumstances surrounding that discovery.  The Maine State Police do not believe that there is any threat to the public and will share more information as it becomes available.

  • Tractor Trailer carrying explosives crashes in Sabattus 

    Tractor Trailer hauling explosives crashedFrom the desk of Shannon Moss, DPS PIO

    At approximately 12:30pm on May 11, 2021 a tractor trailer being driven by Casey Thomas, 48, of Sundown, NH was traveling south in the passing lane around mile marker 88 on I-95 in Sabattus, when Thomas reported that an unknown vehicle cut in front of him causing him to go into the median shoulder.  Thomas, who was driving for Maine Drilling and Blasting, stated that he could not get back into the travel portion of road and eventually struck the center guardrail.  Thomas’s vehicle was hauling explosives.  None of the explosives were released.  The vehicle sustained damage to the left front fender and 3 flat tires.  Thomas was not injured.

  • Troop G Weekly Report 05/10/2021 - 05/16/2021

    On 05/11/2021, Cpl. Cropper stopped the same vehicle speeding for the third time in less than a month on the Turnpike. The female was arrested and charged with criminal speed. Her bail was set at $1,000 and her vehicle was towed.

    On 05/11/2021, Tr. Darcy stopped a vehicle northbound on the turnpike in Wells. The registration was suspended for tolls and the vehicle was towed pending the owner paying the toll bill. 

    On 05/13/2021, at approximately 0230 hours, Sgt. Duda responded to I-295 southbound near mile marker 4, for a report of a female passed out behind the wheel in the passing lane. It was determined that the female operator, Aline Uwimana (34) of Scarborough, was intoxicated. Uwimana was ultimately arrested for operating under the influence and transported to Scarborough Police Department for a breath test. She blew over the legal limit. Uwimana became combative and she was charged with operating under the influence as well as refusing detention/arrest. Uwimana was booked into the Cumberland County Jail.

    On 05/13/2021, Cpl. Physic summonsed Clement Gasana for Criminal Speed on I-95.

    On 05/15/2021, at approximately 0743 hours, Cpl. Physic came across Issak Aliywol passed out at an intersection in Auburn. Cpl. Physic arrested the subject for OUI and Violating Conditions of Release and transported him to Androscoggin County Jail. 

  • Troop F Weekly Report 05-10 to 05-16-21

    Incident Type:         warrant

    Date:                          5/13/2021

    Town:                        mars hill

    Trooper:                   TR. KILCOLLINS

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Kilcollins received information relating to a man having a no-bail warrant in Mars Hill.  He and Tr. Rider went to the residence and located the man.  After explaining the warrant, the man placed his hands behind him and cooperated with being arrested.  He was transported to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.

    Incident Type:         disorderly conduct


    Date:                          5/15/2021

    Town:                        fort fairfield

    Trooper:                   TR. KILCOLLINS

    Brief Synopsis:       Sgt. Clark and Tr. Kilcollins responded to a residence in Fort Fairfield.  It was reported that a family was outside cleaning their yard when their neighbor came over and emptied a can of pepper spray at them, unprovoked.  After an investigation, it was learned that the man using the pepper spray said that one of the men in the house came after him while he was walking his dog.  He then went to the house, where the family was taunting him, after a brief scuffle between the man and the other family, he sprayed them with pepper spray.  Everyone involved was issued disorderly conduct warnings and told to stay off each other’s property.  No one wanted to pursue criminal charges against the other.

    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          5/16/2021

    Town:                        Littleton

    Trooper:                   CPL. QUINT

    Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Quint stopped to check a motorist that was stopped on the side of US Highway 1, Littleton.  The man said he was on his way home from work when his truck quit.  The man was arranging a wrecker and during the investigation it was discovered he had a suspended driver’s license.  Cpl. Quint issued the man a criminal summons for OAS, helped him arrange a wrecker, and gave him a ride to his residence in Blaine.

    Incident Type:         VIOLATION OF BAIL

    Date:                          5/11/2021

    Town:                        Stockholm

    Trooper:                   Tr. Martin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin charged a Stockholm man with violating his conditions of release after learning that the man had travelled out of the area to attend a party.  One of the man’s conditions he had been released on was that he does not stay overnight anywhere besides his home unless he was attending medical or religious services.  The man was summoned to Caribou Court for the violation.

    Incident Type:         burglary

    Date:                          5/11/2021

    Town:                        Smyrna

    Trooper:                   Tr, Barnard

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Barnard responded to a Smyrna business when the owner realized that her facility had been burglarized.  Several items were missing from the property and the investigation is currently ongoing.

    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          5/09/2021

    Town:                        van buren

    Trooper:                   sgt. haines

    Brief Synopsis:       Sgt. Haines stopped a vehicle in Van Buren for an exhaust violation.  As a result of the stop, Sgt. Haines charged a 33-year old Madawaska man with Operating after Suspension as well as several traffic infractions. 

    Incident Type:         ASSAULT

    Date:                          5/09/2021

    Town:                        van buren

    Trooper:                   sgt. haines

    Brief Synopsis:       Sgt. Haines responded to a residence in Van Buren reference to a report of an assault.  The male victim reported being assaulted by another local male who was no longer at the residence.  The victim became confrontational with Sgt. Haines and EMS.  The victim refused to cooperate with the investigation and ordered everyone off his property.

    Incident Type:         TRAINING

    Date:                          5/14/2021

    Town:                        houlton

    Trooper:                   Sgt. Haines

    Brief Synopsis:       Sgt. Haines served as an instructor for firearms requalification for Troop F, CVEU and MCU on 5-12-21 through 5-14-21.

  • Troop J Weekly Report (05-10-21 to 05-16-21)

    # of School Visits conducted – 0

    # of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 1

    # of OUI Drug Arrests – 0

    # of DV Arrests – 0


    Sergeant Jeff Ingemi summonsed Samuel Robichaud (27) of Baileyville, for Operating after Suspension after a traffic stop in Wesley.


    Trooper Owen Reed responded to a complaint in Castine   As the result of the investigation, Michael Bakeman (30) of Castine, was arrested for Violation of Conditional Released for consuming alcohol in violation of his bail conditions.

    Detective Jason Fowler responded to a theft from a vehicle in Calais where some change was stolen from a vehicle in the hospital parking lot.  Investigation continues.

    Trooper Kim Sawyer and Corporal Dan Ryan responded to a Personal Injury accident in Meddybemps.   Travis Pelletier (27) of Calais appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and admitted to drinking.  Travis Pelletier (27) was transported to the Calais Regional Hospital for treatment of his injuries and a blood kit was collected.  Travis was summonsed for Operating Under the Influence-1 prior.


    Trooper Kim Sawyer summonsed Christopher A. Smith (42) of Princeton for Operating After Suspension after he pulled into the Princeton Fire Department to put air in a friend’s tire.  Trooper Kim Sawyer knew that he was suspended and confronted him. 

    Sergeant Jeff Ingemi responded to a criminal mischief complaint in Sullivan where a gazebo at the Sumner Park was damaged the night of May 14th.  Two mailboxes in the area were also pushed over that night and had already been fixed.  No suspects at this time.  Investigation continues.