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62nd Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Seven

During week seven, the 62nd Recruit Training Troop received instruction on the incident command system (ICS). Troopers who are likely to be first responders can utilize ICS, to manage incidents of all sizes. Recruits learned that ICS allows multiple agencies to effectively work together and maximize their capabilities through clear command structures and effective communication.

Recruits were introduced to weapons of mass destruction. The Troop learned about various acts of terrorism and how the use of various weapons can affect people and places in different ways. This was a very important topic because of the incidents that have occurred in out recent history as well as around the world. Recruits took a particular interest to this topic especially since some of the terrorists involved in the 9/11 attacks came through Portland International Jetport. The basic knowledge of this subject is extremely important for this era and is something Recruits may be faced with in the near future. Having an understanding of how to recognize and react to these incidents further protects the citizens of Maine and the overall security of the United States.

The Troop had practical, hands on instruction discussing the State Police Bomb Team. We left the Academy grounds and headed to the garage where the Bomb Team vehicle was located. The Troop was given instruction on how the team operates, types of incidents they respond to, and what we as road Troopers will need to know should we come across explosives during the course of our patrols. We were given the opportunity to utilize the team's robot and practice maneuvering the articulating arm. The 80 pound bomb suit was another interesting piece of gear we became familiar with. This team receives training in places all across the United States and is very well equipped to deal with any explosives related emergencies. This was just one more example of how diverse the State Police Agency is and the variety of possible career paths we can choose from over the coming years.

Week 7 Photo Gallery