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62nd Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Five

The 62nd Recruit Training Troop spent the week learning about death investigations. The Troop was instructed how to manage death scenes, who to contact, and how to preserve the integrity of a site. Recruits learned how to identify different types of death scenes and who to contact based on their observations.

Our motivational quote for week five was "we are what we repeatedly do excellence then is not an act but habit". For weeks now the 62nd RTT improved and practiced their defensive tactics skills, all for a good purpose. The Troop conducted a challenging Fallen Troopers Course requiring all the skills they had learned in defensive tactics showing them that through practice they are able to use their defensive tactics skills when their minds are tired and their bodies are fatigued.

The 62nd was instructed by members of the crime lab on how to find, document, and collect for processing crime scene evidence. The Troop also learned about crime scene photography, and the importance of photos in documenting a scene. Following the class room instruction recruits were issued evidence collection kits and given a mock crime scene to process. Recruits lifted prints, swabbed DNA samples, made shoe print impressions, and collected various pieces of physical evidence for processing at the lab. The Troop learned a great deal from the exercise and honed skills they will put to use as a State Trooper during their future investigations.

The Troop received instruction on search warrants. Recruits were given several scenarios and than were required to articulate if they needed a warrant, or why it fell under one of the warrant exceptions. The class ended with a mock case in which Recruits were required to draft a Search Warrant Affidavit. Search and seizures are constitutionally protected under the fourth amendment, and failing to understand when a warrant is needed could get evidence excluded.

The 62nd received their Troop assignments this week. While there is still a lot of training left, the Recruits were excited to find out where they will be stationed. Regardless of where the Recruits will serve, they wait anxiously for the day they become a State Trooper.

Week 5 Photo Gallery