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Home 62nd Maine State Police Training Troop

62nd Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Three

During week three, the 62nd Recruit Training Troop built upon the basic techniques from previous trainings. Recruits trained on defensive tactics, physical fitness and enforcing OUI and other motor vehicle violations. Through this training the 62nd discovered that advanced techniques are the basics mastered.

Week three began by improving our skills on motor vehicle law. We learned that there is much more than just speed to monitor on the roadways and that a defective tail light can be the gateway for Trooper to find drunk drivers, drugs and wanted persons. The Recruits also went over Maine motor vehicle inspection standards which are vital to know to ensure the vehicles on Maine roads are safe to drive.

To apply our knowledge of vehicle laws, Recruits conducted ride a-longs with Troopers to locate and enforce motor vehicle infractions. After several hours of riding around on patrol, the Recruits set up a roadside safety checkpoint. The safety checkpoint led to the finding of multiple defective motor vehicles, identification of several moving violations as well as drugs and drug paraphernalia.

The 62nd Recruit Training Troop received advanced instructions on Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST). The Recruits were instructed on the challenges faced during the prosecution of Operating Under the Influence cases. Furthermore, Recruits learned how properly administered Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) will help to overcome these challenges. Recruits were reminded of the importance of keeping these unsafe drivers off of Maine roads.

In order to show proficiency at properly administering SFSTs, the 62nd conducted a practical exercise at a nearby dance club. Nearly 50 patrons at the club volunteered to take the sobriety test administered by the recruits. Following the test, volunteers submitted to a breath test. The results of the SFSTs and the breathalyzer were then compared to check for accuracy among the Recruits' proficiency in recognizing signs of impairment.

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