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62nd Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Two

Upon arrival on Monday January 16th the 62nd Recruit Training Troop completed an extensive exam covering all the material presented the previous week. We discovered that there is a lot more information Troopers need to know, more than we realized. This job is so varied and no two days are the same.

Sgt Jason Richards instructed the 62nd RTT on Criminal Law. The class focused around warrantless arrest. This is very important as Troopers are faced daily with decisions that affect the constitutional rights Maine citizens hold dear.

Much of our training focus has been on defensive tactics to enhance our skill at defending ourselves and gaining control over suspects. This training is taken very seriously as State Troopers regularly have to rely on their defensive skills in order to do their job. It's fitting that this weeks' quote read "Somewhere out there, right now is someone preparing for the day you both will meet. How prepared will you be?"

The 62nd RTT had instruction on cognitive interviews and interrogation by the Maine State Police polygraph Supervisor Warren Ferland. It was fascinating to learn about the physiological affects of deception and the subconscious mannerisms that betray those who lie. We then did practical application of these skills, watching interrogations that lead to confessions in real cases. This is the top notch sort of training that these Recruits signed up to receive.

The Troop received instruction concerning domestic violence, as this crime is one that we will deal with on a regular basis once we graduate. The class covered the many difficult aspects that are associated with domestic violence and how we, as Troopers, can help to resolve the problems and assist victims of this crime.

Physical fitness continued to try all the Recruits in the 62nd RTT. Crossfit workouts push us to our physical limits beyond where many of us have reached before. Though these workouts are tough, we feel stronger everyday, they help train us to live stronger, healthier lives and prepare us for the day when we have to defend ourselves or a third person. These workouts help condition our body to endure the career of a Maine State Trooper.

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