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Home 62nd Maine State Police Training Troop

62nd Maine State Police Training Troop

Week One

Shortly after our arrival on Monday, January 9, 2012, we began our training as the 62nd Recruit Training Troop (RTT). We met with Colonel Robert Williams, the Colonel of the Maine State Police. Colonel Williams addressed our Troop about the core principles of the State Police; Integrity, Fairness, Compassion, and Excellence. We learned how these principles will apply to both our jobs as a State Trooper and our daily lives. The Colonel discussed what it was that was expected from the 62nd and though it wouldn't be an easy road to travel, the reward at the end would make it all worth while.

The 62nd RTT was required to complete a physical fitness test. The Troop went on to learn about Crossfit exercises, lifestyles and healthy diets that will make us perform at our peak and keep us ever vigilant to protect ourselves and others in the line of duty.

One of the most important topics that the 62nd RTT looks forward to is training in defensive tactics and the use of force. Though the use of force might not be something that Troopers have to deal with everyday, it is imperative that when the situation arises that we know what is permitted in the course of an arrest.

The State Police K-9 Team came in to discuss what it was that they did and how they worked into the State Police's mission. During an evening shortly after going to bed the Recruits were paged out to respond to a subject who had fled into the woods. The night air was freezing, but we barely noticed as we watched the dog pick up the scent of the fleeing suspect and take off into the woods. It was amazing how difficult it was to move quickly through the woods in the dark. Our canine took us on a good run before finally running the fugitives down. The canine was amazingly calm and we learned how to stay out of his way to avoid contaminating the scent.

Learning at the 62nd never stops and the Recruits received instruction on the Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit. It was eye opening for us to see how diverse the enforcement powers of the State Police actually are. These Troopers are actually able to enforce Federal law on the highway system. The Troop also covered how to use our Report Management System to write reports and how to navigate through our mobile data system that is vital in the job as a Trooper.

Through a lot of late nights, early mornings, physically demanding workouts and scenarios the 62nd RTT learned that "good training comes with a little pain and some discomfort". We learned countless numbers of lessons and pieces of information during the week in scenarios and hands on training that will help build the foundation that will soon make us Maine State Troopers.

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