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61st Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Eight

Week 8 was a week which tested the Troop's "Warrior mindset" as well how to mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare for and deal with critical incident situations. The 61st RTT was also instructed in the Maine Crash Reporting System and given the opportunity to observe a vehicle autopsy and crash investigation. The Recruits were honored this week as they were instructed by one of the Maine State Police Legendry Troopers. The 61st was also instructed in the use and effects of less-lethal munitions and non-deadly weapons during Riot Control.

In regards to Critical Incident Situations, the Troop was instructed on how to cope and properly handle difficult and stressful events. The Recruits were advised on who to talk with, when and if they have a difficult experience. Being a Trooper is a difficult job, however it doesn't mean that you have to shoulder the load of stress by yourself. It is a luxury that the Maine State Police have a unit designated for helping its employees with handling stress.

The Troop received instruction on MCRS and how to properly input information into the program. The Troop was advised on when and why crash reports are to be done, as well as how to use the MCRS program to make their jobs easier. The technology which is always developing and advancing is another thing that makes the State Police a proactive department.

The 61st also had a visit from retired Captain Paul Falconer and he instructed the class on Community Relations as well as a number of other important topics. Capt. Falconer is a great motivator and although the Recruits of the 61st are already proud of the Maine State Police, Capt. Falconer reinforced those beliefs and added to them. The Troop realized not only how fortunate they were to be instructed by Capt. Falconer, but also how important it is to make contacts and get tied into the communities which we patrol and reside.

The Troop was exposed to less-lethal munitions as part of their Riot Control class. The Recruits gained confidence in their issued riot gear and gas mask. The 61st realized that due to the stress-inoculation which we have received, we were better able to handle the effects of OC spray as well as the CS Gas. It is due to the "Warrior-mindset," which the Troop has established that we were able to succeed as well as we did. "It is better to have lived one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep." This is a quote which can be directly related to our decision to become Troopers. It takes courage and bravery to be a Trooper and not everyone has it in them. However, the Recruits of the 61st RTT are coming very close to realizing their dreams of earning the title of Trooper. The Troop prepares for week 9 knowing that there is still much more training to be done, and they welcome it.

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