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61st Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Seven

During week 7 the 61st RTT received more valuable instruction. The Troop was instructed in Motor Vehicle Law and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. These courses expanded upon the training which the Recruits had received during the prior Basic Law Enforcement Training Program and previous road experience.

In regards to Motor Vehicle Law not only did the Troop learn more about Title 29-A and how to apply statutes to the road, but the Recruits were also allowed to test their newly acquired knowledge in the surrounding communities of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. The Recruits performed two roadside safety checks searching for defective equipment on vehicles, expired registrations and other 29-A violations. The Recruits also used their knowledge to ask for consent searches of vehicles. During the roadside safety checks the Recruits of the 61st RTT and multiple Troopers successfully removed intoxicated operators from the road, as well as operators who were driving suspended.

The 61st also received excellent instruction in SFST and what signs to look for to detect someone who is operating under the influence. The Recruits were able to practice their SFST abilities on volunteers from the public, who ranged in all levels of intoxication.

With only a couple weeks remaining in the 61st RTT training evolution, the Recruits earned another honor. The 61st received the State Police Academy Guidon, which will lead the Troop for the rest of the RTT. With the end of training getting closer the Recruits understand that the life of a Trooper is demanding, but it improves the overall quality of life for other people in the community because "people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men and women stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

Week 7 Photo Gallery