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61st Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Six

Week 6 of the 61st RTT exposed the Recruits to more advanced training. This week the Troop received instruction on operating emergency vehicles (EVOC) and the use of deadly force, pertaining to what rights and responsibilities we have as law enforcement officers.

In EVOC the Recruits were tutored in how to improve their driving skills and how to perform advanced vehicle operation techniques. There were numerous scenarios and drills that we performed during the course of instruction. Those drills will provide the Recruits with the necessary skills to operate their vehicle's safely in a potential life threatening situation. The Recruits were able to take the driving scenarios to the next level, by transitioning from high speed pursuits to performing high risk stops. The level of instruction and tactics which were taught there vastly exceeded any previous training which the Recruits had received in regards to high risk stops.

The Troop also was involved in several use of deadly force scenarios. The Recruits were held accountable for justifying their choices to deploy deadly force and had to explain those actions to investigators in the Attorney General's Office. This training was superior to other trainings because not only did the Troop experience simunitions training in stressful situations, but they also had to justify their reasons for acting how they did in regard to 17-A section 107.

The quote of the week was "The difference between combat and sports is that in combat you bury the guy that comes in second". The Troop applied this mindset to their training this week, and learned the value of never giving up and making officer safety paramount. As future Troopers we know that we will be working alone most of the time and we know that before your body gives up it is your mind that gives in. This is why not only is our training here educational and physical, but it also pushes us mentally. With that mental mindset the Troop prepares for week 7.

Week 6 Photo Gallery