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61st Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Five

Week 5 of the 61st RTT was an eventful week for the Recruits, as there were a variety of important topics covered. The Troop was educated on Crime Scene Investigation, the protocol for being the first on scene where a death is involved, Death Notification, as well as how to properly write an Affidavit and apply for a Search Warrant. The Troop was also briefed on some more of the specialty units of the State Police Bomb Squad and the Underwater Recovery Unit.

In regards to the Crime Scene Investigations, the Troop took part in lecture and also participated in several scenarios, which allowed the Troop to apply their newly learned skills. The instruction was delivered by some of the best forensic professionals in the State, and they left the Troop with an excellent basis of knowledge in scene safety, evidence collection, and evidence packaging and preservation.

Following that series of instruction the Troop reviewed prior cases with Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division. The instructors explained to the Recruits what we should and shouldn't do when on scene, and who to contact in the event there is a death involved. The Troop also was able to see how cases are prepared for court and the newest presentation technologies that CID is using at trials.

The Troop also was instructed on the sensitive subject of Death Notification, which was a humbling experience. As hopeful Troopers we know that command presence is crucial in law enforcement, but through this course we learned that there is a time and a place to be stern and another to show feeling and be compassionate. Although death notification comes with the profession of law enforcement, it is an assignment that no one hopes for.

The 61st received some exceptional explanation in regards to Affidavit's and Search Warrants. The Troop was instructed to create their own affidavit and search warrant which was reviewed as a judge would review it. The Troop learned the importance of being specific and thorough as it is extremely important when a case where a search was performed goes to trial. The practical's which were presented to the Troop were just another example of the superior training that the 61st has been receiving and will continue to receive.

Representatives from both the Bomb Squad and Underwater Recovery Unit met with the Troop to explain their specialties in greater detail. Both specialties are very interesting and they showed the Recruits just how many potential career paths are available to an employee of the Maine State Police.

As a final note for this week, the Recruits of the 61st received some of the greatest honors they have received since being hired by the Maine State Police. This week the Recruits were notified of their Troop assignments and were also issued their State Police cruisers. The Troop realizes how close we are to attaining our goal, yet at the same time we understand that there is still a lot left to accomplish here at the RTT. The 61st remains focused on the task at hand and awaits the next week of training.

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