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61st Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Three

As week 3 began for the members of the 61st RTT, the Recruits focused on the idea that, "advanced techniques are the basics mastered." With that in mind the Recruits once again, looked forward to the opportunity of expanding on our ever growing skill sets. We received courses of instruction on Courtroom Testimony and Demeanor, Drug Identification, Incident Command System, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Property Crimes Investigations.

In regards to courtroom testimony the Troop, was educated on how to act and present yourself when in court, because professionalism is extremely important. Not only is it imperative for us as individuals to conduct ourselves professionally in regards to our own reputation, but more importantly while in court and in the public eye, we represent the entire Maine State Police organization.

We as a Troop also improved our drug recognition abilities and received training on how to perform field tests on various schedule drugs.

In regards to ICS we were educated throughout the week on the intricacies of the Incident Command process. As a Recruit, at first it is difficult to understand how you would fit into the whole system. However as we received more instruction it was apparent that ICS can be applied to all aspects of life, no matter how big or small the incident is. Also in regards to Weapons of Mass Destruction, we learned about potential factors and targets that terrorists consider, as well as the weapons that terrorists might use.

In our Property Crimes Investigation class, we learned that although technology is handy, nothing is as effective when it comes to solving crimes as networking in your patrol area.

This week was also a very inspiring week, as the 61st RTT shared the grounds of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy with the members of the 4th Junior Trooper Academy. The Junior Troopers stayed at the Academy for a couple of days, and learned about the Academy experience as well as being a Trooper. Both the Junior Troopers and the Recruits of the 61st were also able to interact with representatives of the many specialized units of the Maine State Police. All the specialty units fielded questions about their particular craft, and informed and entertained the Junior Troopers, their families, and the Recruits.

At the end of the week it was apparent that, there are many people who wish to become a Maine State Trooper, whether it is the members of the Junior Trooper Academy or the Recruits of the 61st. The Junior Troopers have some time to wait still, but will hopefully get their chance someday. For now it is the privilege and the honor of the 61st to push ourselves to attain that ultimate goal. Earning the title of Trooper and joining the Maine State Police family.

Week 3 Photo Gallery