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61st Maine State Police Training Troop

Week Two

The 61st RTT began week two excited and ready to train. Having completed week one and being a step closer to our ultimate goal, the Recruits of the 61st were motivated to succeed. This week focused heavily on academics, and the time spent in the classroom laid the groundwork for our futures in law enforcement. We had many essential classes this week, and the Troop recognized their importance. The Troop received instruction on Interviewing and Interrogation, Domestic Violence, Maine Criminal Law, and Basic EMS, all important classes which will be useful for the Troop once out in the field.

In regards to Interviewing and Interrogation the Troop was introduced how to properly interview suspects and what signs to look for when digging for the truth. Some of the principles which were presented really opened our eyes into how a detective thinks and what we should do when interacting with the public and potential suspects. Even with the different levels of prior law enforcement experience, everyone in the Troop learned more about interviewing and interrogation then they had known previously. Another class which was very important for the Troop to be exposed to was our Domestic Violence course. This course was an excellent course and was very informative, and we will put what we learned to good use, because unfortunately Domestic Violence is an issue which plagues our society. We also learned what our responsibilities are when arriving on scene to a call where serious injury is present, in our Basic EMS in Law Enforcement course.

The 61st also received course of instruction on the Executive Protection Unit and the Air Wing Unit. These courses were very informative and had the Recruits thinking of potential career paths, which are further down the road. The Troop also had a course on Leadership, which is a fundamental skill that is essential in the process of becoming a Maine State Trooper.

This week the Troop continued to improve upon our Defensive Tactics abilities and expanded on our skill set, which will come in handy in all aspects of life. We also were exposed to a Use of Force scenario, which made us think on our feet and apply the components of Title 17-A section 107. As a Troop we look forward to having more opportunities to justify our actions and utilize our tactics in future Use of Force situations. We as a Troop feel lucky and honored to be receiving the amount of advanced instruction in Defensive Tactics that we are, because although we train together soon we will work alone.

All of our training this week, from Defensive Tactics to Interviewing and Interrogation revolved around the quote of the week, "Somewhere out there right now is someone preparing for the day you both will meet. How prepared will you be?" We plan to continue to come together as a Troop, and stay focused on our ultimate goal as we progress through our experience and training.

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