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61st Maine State Police Training Troop

Week One

On Monday, June 13th 2011, fourteen Maine State Police Recruits arrived to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro, Maine to begin their training as the 61st Recruit Training Troop. During the next nine weeks, the Recruits will learn how to develop their minds and skills so that they may graduate as Maine State Troopers. These Recruits have only begun a training process that will teach them how to survive in the world of law enforcement and to work alone.

From the first day, the Recruits learned that this training will be demanding the most out of them physically and participated in numerous workouts this week that were intense and exhausting. The Recruits also learned about the importance of eating properly because diet will often be an indication of how well you will perform during the workouts to maintain a healthy body. Since State Troopers are called upon to work long hours with little to no rest and it is imperative that the Recruits maintain a high fitness standard to overcome any confrontations with violent offenders.

During the first week, the Maine State Police Recruits had classes on the K-9 Unit, Computer Crimes, RMS, PMDC, Report Writing, Commercial Vehicles, and a session on the Maine State Police's policy on Use of Force. These classes helped introduce us to the Maine State Police and how to properly document cases and incidents involving arrests and use of force. The Recruits also went on a K-9 track through the wooded terrain near the Criminal Justice Academy. This experience proved how difficult and dangerous it is to chase down offenders at night when you are unaware if they are still attempting to escape or if they are waiting to ambush you.

The Recruits had defensive tactics training throughout the week where they learned how to use different control techniques, handcuffing, and how to deal with noncompliant arrestees. The Recruits of the 61st RTT were placed in high-stress situations and learned how their fine motor skills will diminish from the effects of adrenaline. With that in mind, the Recruits are looking to improve themselves in these stress situations so they may take a better approach and think clearly through the pain.

The Troop is beginning to learn how to work with each other to overcome their challenges mentally, physically, and emotionally. At the beginning of this week the 61st RTT was introduced to the quote "Good training comes with a little pain and some discomfort". The Recruits learned the true meaning of this quote during week one and will look towards the obstacles they will face in the upcoming weeks.

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