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60th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 8

Week 8 is a short week for the Troop due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Although the week is short, the Troop is getting the most of the time. Our schedule is packed this week with many important blocks of instruction. The Troops' eyes are set on the goal ahead, but we still have training left to do and we must focus on that.

We learned about death notifications. We learned the proper ways in which to conduct a notification and how the provide the message accurately, concisely and compassionately. Death notifications are going to be some of the hardest tasks that face the 60th Recruit Training Troop upon their careers as Troopers. With this knowledge and training, we are as prepared as humanly possible for these tragic events.

We learned about how to safely conduct felony traffic stops. Felony traffic stops are necessary to safely take into custody an individual who has committed a serious crime, is armed and dangerous or has attempted to evade law enforcement in their vehicle. It is important we follow the proper procedures to ensure officer safety as well as public safety. We also reviewed the proper procedures when responding to a barricaded subject. These are also volatile situations that must be handled appropriately.

Defensive tactics training continues to be a focus of the 60th Recruit Training Troop's training. We are seeing vast improvements in our skill levels, techniques and intensities. These improvements were shown during our Fallen Troop Course fight on Wednesday. Here we faced a realistic practice fight scenario that pushed us to our limits. We look forward to continued training; both physically and mentally.

The Troop trained in response to active shooters. These tactics are relatively new in the realm of law enforcement. It is critical that these situations are addressed by using specific and aggressive actions. They are very volatile situations that need to be resolved as soon as possible. The Troop had the instruction of the Maine State Police Tactical Team on the appropriate tactics to move quickly and safely through a building with an active shooter. We also had the pleasure of having two representatives of the Office of the Attorney General present to develop and critique force on force scenarios. These individuals are the experts that will be investigating the use of deadly force incidences in the State of Maine and their perspective and opinions are highly valuable to our training.

Week 8 is over and the 60th Recruit Training Troop is looking forward to December 4, 2009. The Troop has work hard for the last 8 weeks to earn what will be awarded to them next Friday; the rank of Trooper. It is a title that the Troop has trained for. Next week the Troop will continue to fine tune our training and ensure they are prepared for the rest of their careers with the Maine State Police.

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