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60th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 7

Week 7 included training on many different investigatory aspects that we will be expected to conduct as Troopers. We began the week learning about crime scene processing. We discussed how to secure a crime scene, the collection of evidence and storage and handling of evidence. We learned it is important to look at the scene in its totality to ensure that even the smallest piece of evidence is not overlooked. These are tactics that we can use from anything from a less serious criminal case to assisting the Evidence Response Team and Criminal Investigation Division in the investigation of a homicide.

This week we also learned about crash reconstruction and investigation. Many of the same principles apply from general crime scene investigation. It is clear the skills we have learned have multiple applications. This redundancy will help keep our investigatory skills fresh. We learned how to properly and accurately investigate and report motor vehicle crashes. It is important the investigations are conducted accurately and thoroughly to ensure the best data is collected to be applied to future preventative measures. The ultimate goal for crash investigations is to prevent future crashes. Through systematic investigation of crash scenes, we will maintain the integrity of the reporting process.

We had members of the Maine Army National Guard Civil Support Team come in and teach the Troop about Personal Protective Equipment and their team's role in responding to large hazardous material incidents in the State of Maine. They utilize their elite training and specialized equipment to help keep the citizens of the state safe.

We spent the rest of the week learning about Maine Motor Vehicle Laws. We discussed issues surrounding the rules of the road, safety issues and inspection standards. We had the opportunity to ride with a Trooper and conduct other traffic enforcement actions. We conducted traffic stops and recognized and addressed violations of laws. The variety of situations we encountered speaks to the unpredictable nature of law enforcement. This snapshot into the life of a Trooper has helped to motivate the 60th Recruit Training Troop. With only two weeks remaining in our scheduled training, the Troop remains focused on the task ahead. We look forward to our graduation day, but realize we have a lot of training left to complete.

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