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60th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 6

After a week of emergency vehicle operation training, the 60th Recruit Training Troop headed back to the classroom to learn about emergency management. As a Trooper, we will be asked to take charge of complex and dynamic emergency situations. The Troop spent the fist half of the week learning about the Incident Command System and how its standardized implementation will help us manage scenes from the smallest motor vehicle crash to larger multi-agency incidents. These are skills we will carry with us throughout our career.

The Troop continues to work on practical scenarios to put into practice the skills and knowledge we have learned throughout our training. We utilize "Simmunition marking rounds" to make our training as realistic as possible. We are improving the speed and precision of our decision making abilities. The scenarios represent realistic looks into the career we all hope to succeed in after the conclusion of our training. We experienced the effects of the electronic control device commonly referred to as the "Taser". It is necessary to appreciate the effects of this tool to ensure its proper use.

We spent the other half of the week learning about Weapons of Mass Destruction and areas vulnerable to terrorist attacks in the State of Maine. The State of Maine is not immune to the possibilities of domestic or foreign terrorist acts. By realizing and accepting our vulnerabilities, we can take steps to mitigate any possible attacks. Awareness is the first step to taking proactive measures to ensure the security of the residents of our state.

Our physical fitness continues to be a priority for the Troop. This week the Troop participated in a midterm physical fitness test. All Recruits noticed aspects of improvement. We continue to work hard to ensure we are in the best physical shape possible to serve our respective patrol areas. The Troop completed our most difficult workout so far in this training. We completed the "Circle of Death" in 1:22:25. This work out included 86 repetitions of pushups, sit-ups, unassisted pull-ups and running laps (six miles). The amount of repetitions performed was determined by drawing from a standard deck of playing cards. The Troop continues to work hard and accept and overcome the challenges presented to us. We look forward to continuing our training and the learning that is to come.

The 60th Recruit Training Troop would like to thank all the Veterans of the United States armed forces for their sacrifice and service.

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