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60th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 4

Week four was a busy week for the 60th Recruit Training Troop. We had two major blocks of important instruction and had a lot of hands on training. The training we received this week we will use throughout the rest of our careers.

We spent a significant amount of time learning about Interview and Interrogation. These are skills that we will carry and use frequently throughout our careers. These skills help us determine if people are being truthful when providing written or oral statements. They also help us interact with suspects, victims and witnesses. Our instructors were extremely knowledgeable and were able to give us tips, strategies and practical examples for different interview and interrogation techniques.

We received advanced training in Standard Field Sobriety Testing and enforcing Maine's Operating Under the Influence laws. We reviewed what we learned in our basic training and built on these skills by learning new strategies and practicing our skills. We visited a local business establishment and practiced our skills on volunteers who had consumed alcohol. This allowed us to put into practice what we have learned in a controlled environment and get immediate feedback from instructors. We appreciate the help of all the volunteers. Their services were essential to us being able to recognize and evaluate signs of impairment on individuals who had consumed alcohol. We look forward to utilizing these skills to help protect Maine's roadways.

We continue to work on our Warrior Mindset. We know that "Discipline must be a habit so engrained that it is stronger than the excitement of battle or the fear of death". Next week marks the halfway point in this training setting. The 60th Recruit Training Troop is working hard to get the maximum benefit from our training.

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