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60th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 3

This week the 60th Recruit Training Troop's activities centered on our quote of the week: "Advanced techniques are the basics mastered". After a week of intense paperwork and classroom activities, this week we focused mostly on practical skills. In order to become the most qualified Trooper we can be we need to reach a balance of classroom learning and practical skill sets.

We spent a significant amount of time this week in defensive tactics. The training we are receiving is the best around. We are beginning to feel comfortable with the techniques and are beginning to utilize them consistently in scenarios.

We spent the other portion of the week at the firearms range. At the range we became acquainted with both our handguns and our long guns. We spent many hours, both day and night, honing our skills. All Recruits came out of the training with confidence. The firearms training we received this week is second to none. We appreciate all the knowledge that has been passed on to us by the talented instructors.

We learned more of the Standard Operating Procedures of the Maine State Police. These policies are necessary for us to learn how to eventually become a Trooper. These policies detail how we should act and dress and also outline what is expected of us. We learned about the Maine State Police Air Wing and how this service can benefit us. We continued to learn about our reporting system. By the time we graduate from the Recruit Training Troop, we will know the ins and outs of this system and how to create detailed, accurate and informative case reports. We continued doing practical scenarios to practice our knowledge of criminal laws, our communication skills, and report writing.

We continue to push ourselves with intense physical fitness exercises. We did two Crossfit Workouts of the Day that pushed us to our maximum performance this week. Other days we ran or did other forms of physical fitness. This is just another aspect of our training that pushes us to be the best.

Week three is over. The Troop has come together as a cohesive unit. We are working together to learn and help each other grow. Although we have learned a lot in these first few weeks, we have a long way to go. We look forward to the challenges that face us ahead.

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