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60th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 2

The 60th Recruit Training Troop began week two motivated to train and work hard. We spent a lot of this week in the classroom studying various aspects of criminal law and different areas of enforcement. We were extremely busy this week which forced us to use our time wisely. Through hard work and good time management the 60th Recruit Training Troop made it through another week of intensive training successfully.

We began our instruction on Maine Criminal Law. We practiced this training and material in many practical applications and scenarios in class. We learned about court room testimony and demeanor. Court testimony is essential for the criminal aspect of policing. It is essential that we maintain the principle of Integrity throughout our testimony. We learned proper ways to draft search warrants and what information is required. We then put this lesson to work during a practical exercise requiring the Troop to draft a search and arrest warrant for a criminal case. We received training in drug identification and training on how to accurately field test these drugs. This will allow us to quickly and accurately identify drugs or unknown substances in the field.

The importance and rigors of paperwork confronted the 60th Recruit Training Troop this week. We received detailed blocks of instruction on report writing and the State Police case file system. We put this classroom instruction to practice by completing numerous reports. We faced many deadlines and assignments of reports that forced us to utilize our time wisely to complete all of our tasks. We have learned the importance of accurate reports that are turned into our supervisors in a timely manner.

We have continued our intensive physical fitness program. We visited the pool again this week and completed and intensive swimming workout. Recruits practiced treading water and proper swim technique. These skills will help us be prepared for a variety of challenges we may meet. We continue to do strenuous Crossfit workouts and we continue to improve our overall fitness.

Defensive tactics training continued. We are beginning to tie in various techniques in practical scenarios. These force us to think on our feet and make split second decisions. Practical training is important in defensive tactics. It forces us to utilize the skills taught to us in stressful situations. We remember this week's quote as motivation in our training; "Somewhere out there right now is someone preparing for the day you both will meet. How prepared will you be?"

This week we learned about many aspects of criminal work such as how to start a case by completing a detailed and accurate report to finishing the case with appropriate and convincing court testimony. We look forward to putting these skills to practice. We are learning how to effectively communicate and work together as a team. Although the work is getting harder, we are coming together as a Troop. We look forward to the highly advanced training that awaits us.

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