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Jobs & Training - 59th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 7

The 59th Recruit Training Troop was ready for another week of advanced training. The five Recruits started off the week in the classroom learning about Crash Investigation and the system used to document all crashes in the state of Maine. Our instruction focused on identifying who is at fault during a motor vehicle crash, the driver of the vehicle(s), whether seatbelts were being utilized, speeds reached, as well as signs to look for when reconstructing a crash. It is important we are proficient in this area as prosecution could come of these crashes. The state of Maine also uses data collected from these to put into effect speed limits as well as find high crash areas and increase enforcement in those areas. The Troop was able to go to a local salvage yard where we saw different vehicles that were involved in crashes. We were given the opportunity to deduce how the crash may have occurred, whether seatbelts were used, the seating position of people in the vehicle, and in what direction the vehicle was hit.

The 59th performed Physical Fitness throughout the week, once again utilizing the CrossFit program. We are all seeing changes with our physical fitness which gives us the drive and motivation to push ourselves to the limit. Defensive tactics is an on-going event and we are pulling all of our skills and techniques together to effectively control and arrest both compliant and non-compliant suspects. It is encouraging to see that our hard work is paying off and we are continuing to make strides within our advanced training.

The remainder of the week was extremely informational and exciting. Many highly trained Tac Team members were able to assist us on how to respond to critical incidents including barricaded subjects and hostage situations. The 59th used training guns and training ammunitions to make the experience as life-like as possible. We spent hours covering shoot and don't shoot situations as well as given the opportunity to discuss each scenario and our justifications for our actions. We also performed and discussed incidents involving school shootings and how to effectively and safely clear a building. The 59th Recruit Training Troop was given one on one training with qualified staff on how to perform when a situation like this may occur. The individualized advanced training is like no other we have ever experienced.

Seven weeks have gone by and the morale of the Troop remains high. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and continue to set an example for others. We are proud to be a part of an agency that takes care of their people and strives for excellence in everything they do. Our quote of the week summarizes our attitude toward police work and why we are training like we are. "People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men and women stand ready to do violence on their behalf."


Lt. William A Snedeker
45 Commerce Drive Suite 1
Augusta, Maine 04330
(207) 624-7281

Sgt Nicholas Grass
Phone: 207-877-8036

Tr. Robert Burke
Phone: 207-877-8004