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Jobs & Training - 59th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 5

The 59th Recruit Training Troop has completed week five. As the weeks go on it does not get easier, however, working together as a team enables us to accomplish our assigned tasks in a more efficient and productive manner. With five Recruits to five Cadre the training does not get any more individualized than that.

The Troop was instructed on EVOC this week (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course). We had remedial training in the classroom and then we were off to the EVOC range where we had one on one training with skilled EVOC instructors. We were given the opportunity to drive police cruisers through different precision courses that involved both high and low speed vehicle operation. We focused on proper turning, as well as being aware of all vehicles and obstructions in the roadway at all times. We were able to practice these skills during the day and night. Fortunately it rained on day two, giving us even better training for operating in inclement weather.

We received training on procedures for writing affidavits and obtaining search warrants. We learned the importance of being thorough and accurate throughout the entire search warrant and affidavit. Failure to be complete could make or break a case. We were instructed to draft our own search warrant of a residence and submit it for review.

The 59th began more intense scenario based training using training guns and training ammunition. This is the most realistic equipment we are able to use without actually using our issued firearms. The scenarios encompassed shoot and don't shoot situations where a level head and sound decision making was pertinent. After each life-like scenario we were debriefed on the situation and asked to articulate the reasons for our actions. Being able to explain your every action is essential as a State Trooper and we will continue to build on these scenarios in the following weeks.

We finished week five and are motivated to continue our advanced training. We do not know where the training will take us in the ensuing weeks but are confident we will stay busy and receive only the very best. The individualized training we are going through will enable us to think clearly in all situations, articulate our actions, focus on the end goal, and be involved citizens within our communities. The 59th Recruit Training Troop will be ready to take on whatever is to come. Our quote zeroed in on the Troops overall attitude this week. "The difference between combat and sports is that in combat you get to bury the guy who comes in second."

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