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Jobs & Training - 59th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 4

The 59th Recruit Training Troop has finished another week of advanced training. Our optimism is high as we were able to successfully complete an extremely busy week. Sleep was on the back burner of things we needed to get done.

The Troop spent a lot of time in the classroom learning different methods and techniques to use when interviewing and interrogating potential suspects. We covered what to look for in people's body language as well as what people may mean by the way they structure their sentences. A busy day in the class left us with the entire evening to work on defensive tactics. Our efforts on the mats are paying off as we are able to see one another improve on our skills. We continue to recap techniques we have been working on from day one in order to commit them to muscle memory.

Oleoresin Capsicum, also known as Capstun/OC spray was covered, literally, during an evening block of instruction. We realize the importance of having our tools used on us and OC is just one of our tools we have access to. By being sprayed we are able to experience the effects this can have on us and it is reinforced that we can fight through the discomfort. Although it is never fun to get sprayed the 59th was able to work through an uncomfortable and painful situation. "Good training comes with a little pain and some discomfort," sound familiar?

The second half of the week focused on Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. We received training on the proper way to administer these tests and clues to identify intoxicated individuals. The 59th was able to perform these tests out in the field on a number of individuals found at a popular club. We staged ourselves in the lobby while instructors found participants we could test. The training does not get any more real then this.

On Thursday night the 59th completed the "Circle of Death" in the first attempt with a time of 1:21:00. Those who have been there, know what this means. The exercises used were running, push-ups, pull-ups, and flutter kicks. Throughout the week CrossFit was a part of our workout, as well as swimming, the ultimate equalizer.

Throughout the week we continued to get called out at night for diverse situations. Every scenario presented a different hurdle that we were able to use our training and experience we have gained here to work through it. As a Troop, and as individuals, we are becoming comfortable in our skills and natural abilities that the instructors are bringing out in us. We are leaning to unleash our inner warriors to work through whatever they day or night will bring. The Troop is incorporating our training to pull through any situation. Soon it will become habit. "Discipline must be habit so ingrained that it is stronger than the excitement of battle or the fear of death."

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45 Commerce Drive Suite 1
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