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Jobs & Training - 59th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 2

The 59th Recruit Training Troop embarked on our second week of training after a long holiday weekend due to Columbus Day. This week was classroom intensive in a couple different subjects. The Troop was instructed on the Incident Command System, a nationally recognized system sponsored by FEMA to help deal with incidents in Maine and all over the United States. We are now all level 200 certified to perform this function with the State Police. We also learned about Weapons of Mass destruction and how they have, can, and will affect our lives and jobs in the near future. Terrorism was discussed and we were given advice on how to deter terrorist acts in our communities. We were also given excellent instruction on how to deal with explosives if we come into contact with them.

Training did not end in the classroom! The Troop spent hours working on defensive tactics and the importance of maintaining control in all situations. We practiced ground work and continued to learn new skills for gaining control of an uncooperative suspect. We discussed levels of force and in what instances we are justified in using these different levels of force.

Paperwork really hit home this week as we became more engrossed with the amount of paperwork Troopers handle on a daily basis. We are learning the importance of report writing and why it is crucial to have reports passed in on time and error free.

The 59th Recruit Training Troop is keeping a written log of our daily workouts. The CrossFit program has been introduced and we are excited to see improvement from the entire Troop over the next several weeks. Although CrossFit is difficult, we understand the importance of being in top physical shape. Our quote this week states; "Somewhere out there right now someone is preparing for the day you will both meet. How prepared will you be?" The 59th Recruit Training Troop will be ready.

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Lt. William A Snedeker
45 Commerce Drive Suite 1
Augusta, Maine 04330
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Sgt Nicholas Grass
Phone: 207-877-8036

Tr. Robert Burke
Phone: 207-877-8004