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Jobs & Training - 59th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 1

On Monday October 6, 2008 six Maine State Police Recruits arrived at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy to begin the first day of nine weeks of training. Training that pushes those to the extreme limits in order to finish with only the very best. The day began by arranging our billets and making sure all of our equipment was present for the ensuing weeks. We took a physical fitness test to see where we needed to improve and establish a base starting point.

Time was crucial and there never seemed to be enough of it. Our days were filled with many tasks and an assortment of physical fitness training. "Everything is done for a reason" was mentioned several times and will continue to be reinforced. We also learned that our actions dictate our Cadre's response.

We visited the classroom throughout the week and learned how to identify members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, and discussed the Criminal Intelligence Section in the State of Maine. We were fortunate to have instructors meet us at the pool to teach us water safety tips, water rescue, and techniques to make us more effective swimmers. Report writing is a crucial part of the job and we received a block of instruction on the report writing system the State Police currently use. We all felt fairly confident with the new systems and look forward to using them again. Defensive tactics was introduced and techniques were learned that enable us to control both cooperative and uncooperative subjects while arresting them. Drug Enforcement Agents came and talked about different kinds of drugs we may come across and who to contact for certain cases. A member of the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Task Force visited our classroom and taught us the proper ways to recognize and seize items such as computers, cameras, cell phones, etc… that may aid in an investigation.

Throughout our busy schedule the importance of overall good health and life-time physical fitness was stressed and performed several times throughout the day and into the evening. We need to keep our bodies in top performance and peak physical health in order to serve the people of the state of Maine in the best possible way. We aided in a K-9 track and realized the importance of being in shape in order to keep up with the K-9 handler. If you cannot keep up, then you cannot be of assistance. A combination of swimming, running, and different workouts the instructors put together made up the bulk of our physical fitness training. Although it is hard work, it is also enjoyable to get together as a team and strive to do our best.

The 59th RTT is coming together as a team and working hard. We are proud and honored to be given the opportunity to be here. As representatives of the State Police we are striving to do our best while remembering our four core principles and what we live by; Integrity, Fairness, Compassion, and Excellence. While our first week was challenging both mentally and physically we need to remember that "Good training comes with a little pain and some discomfort."

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