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Jobs & Training - 59th Maine State Police Training Troop


After graduating the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program at the Criminal Justice Academy in May of 2008, we were given the opportunity to experience a modified field training with the State Police. For over four months, we were able to explore different divisions with the State Police.

The first few weeks were spent with the Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit both on and off the Turnpike. We were able to observe numerous tractor trailer inspections, as well as assist with truck weights and decipher log books. While working with this unit we learned about Federal laws that all large trucks must comply with.

Following the Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit, we had the opportunity to work with numerous Detectives in CID II and CID III. With these divisions we observed an autopsy, interviews with children and adults, and responded to a homicide. We were able to see the beginnings of a homicide case as well as the large team of people who are brought together to solve a case. We had the opportunity to watch a homicide trial that spanned over a number of days and saw it unfold into a guilty verdict. The State Police were the core group involved with the investigation. It was interesting to see the amount of work and time it takes to prepare for court.

We were assigned to the Computer Crimes Unit following CID II and CID III where we saw the amount of crimes committed using the Internet and other technological communications. We assisted with making calls in state and out of state to various departments regarding cases of child exploitation and other crimes against children.

Following the Computer Crimes Unit, we were assigned to both Troops C and Troop D where we met with the Lieutenants who laid out the expectations and tentative schedule for the ensuing months. We were assigned a Field Training Officer and we began to patrol the roads and answer complaints. Observing our FTO's and asking many questions were how our first few days were spent. This was something very new for us, as we have not had previous experience in law enforcement. We watched our FTO's handle traffic complaints, stop cars, talk with people for various issues, and respond directly to complaints. Once we had the basic idea of how to handle some issues our FTO's allowed us to become more involved in handling complaints.

We had the opportunity to ride with many different Troopers who all gave us advice and suggestions on how to deal with certain issues and complaints. We wrote reports and then submitted and edited them for review. This was extremely useful because report writing is a huge part of the job and we became more comfortable with the system and writing reports in general. Traffic accidents did occur while we were working and we were able to familiarize ourselves better using the Maine Crash Reporting System.

Overall we believe our experience with the Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit, CID II, Computer Crimes, and our modified field training, will not only help us in our post school, but it will better prepare our future's with the Maine State Police.


Lt. William A Snedeker
45 Commerce Drive Suite 1
Augusta, Maine 04330
(207) 624-7281

Sgt Nicholas Grass
Phone: 207-877-8036

Tr. Robert Burke
Phone: 207-877-8004