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Jobs & Training - 58th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 8

"The difference between combat and sports is that in combat you bury the guy that comes in second."

The major part of week 8 was spent at the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC). The 58th was able to spend hours behind the wheel of a cruiser, going through many obstacles courses and learning how to pursue fleeing suspects in a vehicle. We learned the capabilities of the cruisers, how steering input on our part shifts the weight of the vehicle, and when to use certain maneuvers for different situations that may appear. State Troopers spend a lot of time driving both on the interstate and many unfamiliar roads so this was some of the most crucial instruction we have had so far. This course was enjoyable for the Troop, we were able to test the capabilities of both the vehicle and ourselves as operators.

In the classroom the Troop was introduced to Computer Crimes. We learned how to collect evidence where crimes were being committed with computers being the main piece of evidence. We learned how to draft affidavits needed for a search warrant, and what the many different components of computer evidence were. We also became familiar with the State Police Computer Crimes Task Force, which handles cases of identity theft, illegal pornography, fraud, and many other computer-related crimes.

The 58th also learned how to make death notifications. This is one the most important aspects of our job as we must remain compassionate in all cases. We learned the best way to approach this difficult subject and the best way to help people through possibly the hardest time in their life. We realize that we truly have a huge responsibility as State Troopers to help people in all kinds of situations.

Finally, the 58th completed their Defensive Tactics training and was finally able to try on their uniforms, ensuring everything would be perfect for graduation next week. There was a feeling of pride and unity in the barracks this week, and the 58th has a lot of work to do putting the final touches on their training before officially becoming Maine State Troopers.

Week 8 photos


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