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Jobs & Training - 58th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 7

The 58th started week 7 with classes on crime scene investigation. During this two-day block of instruction, we were able to learn how to collect all types of evidence at crime scenes, take proper scene photographs, and dust for fingerprints. We processed a staged abduction scenario from beginning to end, collecting evidence and clues in order to solve our case. We went through each step of the process including tracking the suspect vehicle and impounding it for a search.

Next the 58th took a tour of the Maine State Police Crime Laboratory where we were able to tour the different sections of evidence analysis and processing units. We learned how the different pieces of equipment were used to analyze hair fibers, DNA, bodily fluids, and model casts of foot and tire impressions. We then moved over to the Medical Examiner's office where we learned about the process taken to investigate a body in suspicious death cases.

We continued this week with a tour of the State Police Special Services (Incident Command) Mobile Command Post, a large vehicle designed to provide communications and logistics support during a major incident anywhere in the state. We have come to realize that the State Police has the best and most technologically advanced resources available to help our mission.

This week marked two new checkpoints for us as we were able to pick up all of the Troop's cruisers and bring them back to the academy grounds. We spent time detailing the vehicles and getting ready for the graduation ceremony. Additionally, the Troop picked up their guidon which will be carried everywhere the troop goes and signifies our history and warrior mentality throughout the entire training process and the rest of our careers.

Finally, the Troop was able to learn about the canine program. We all put on a thick suit designed to take dog bites, and caught some of the police dogs trained in controlled aggression and suspect apprehension. Later that night, each member laid a scent track for the different handlers and the dogs tracked us through suburban, urban, and wooded areas around Augusta. We finished up the week learning about how to compile and present affidavits of probable cause for search warrants, and ran through a detailed scenario where we each had to type our own affidavit, and learned about Critical Incident Debriefing procedures in the State Police. "Discipline must be habit so engrained that it is stronger than the excitement of battle of the fear of death."

Week 7 photos


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