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Jobs & Training - 58th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 4

"Learning can be best defined as a behavioral change that meets two criteria: it results from an experience and it endures over time." The 58th RTT entered week 4 after a long weekend ready to train, and we knew we would have a lot of work to do. This turned out to be one of the most demanding weeks as we concentrated mainly on advanced defensive tactics and physical fitness training. The 58th did a lot of work sparring and boxing, learning how to block and defend ourselves when the fight goes to fists. We each learned a lot about how our stamina decreases rapidly during a fight. Every recruit has developed the skills necessary to understand the natural human reaction to stress, the "flight or fight" syndrome, and how to manage rapid adrenal increases and decreases. Our goal is to fine tune these skills which have been proven to save lives on the battlefield and essentially on the road as a State Trooper. We have developed a warrior mindset which enables us to progress rapidly as a Troop in all aspects of our training.

Classes this week concentrated on major incident responses to include training on weapons of mass destruction. The Troop learned how we would respond to these incidents, how to deal with the confusion and mayhem, and take charge and lead the response to ensure containment of the scene and preserve property and human life. Finally, after a long run at the end of the week, the 58th RTT was able to pick up five State Police cruisers. The Troop headed back to the academy building and cleaned up the cruisers, which we proudly displayed outside of our building. This was a major motivational checkpoint for us, and there are still much more to come.

Week 4 photos


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