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Jobs & Training - 58th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 2

The 58th spent the majority of week 2 on the firearms range. Each Recruit was able to become comfortable with their pistol and how to manipulate it in different situations. We each fired a lot of rounds, and were able to compete against each other as well. It snowed every day we were out on the range, but this coupled with the cold seemed to bring out even more motivation from the Troop as we fired some of the best scores we've ever shot.

PT was intense this week, as the 58th complete a series of cross-training exercise otherwise known as "Cross-Fit." Each day we pushed our bodies to the limit with a series of muscular endurance exercises and a lot of cardio. At the beginning of the week, our workout included a trip to a local pool where we were able to combine swimming with weight-lifting and pushups for an overall cardio/muscular workout. The week finished up with the Troop practicing what they've learned at defensive tactics training in real-world scenarios. Each troop had to physically apprehend an aggressive subject utilizing the techniques they've learned up to this point.

The Troop finished up the week in the classroom learning about the Criminal Intelligence Unit. We learned how to recognize the different colors and patches of motorcycle gangs, and how to approach and deal with situations involving a motorcycle gang movement. We learned about how our jobs will intertwine with the Criminal Intelligence community. We also were able to put our defensive tactics training on display for a local news team who is running a four-part series on the 58th RTT. Each Recruit is tired and sore at the end of week 2, but our bodies and minds are getting stronger everyday. We're beginning to understand the importance of the intense and demanding training we're receiving…"Good Training Comes with a Little Pain and Some Discomfort."

Week 2 photos


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