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Jobs & Training - 57th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 6

Week 6 was the shortest week for the 57th. With Wednesday being July 4th, the 57th had to get a lot of work done in only four days. The first two days of the week were spent learning about Weapons of Mass Destruction. We received advanced training on how to respond to possible terrorist situations. We learned that as the first responders, our actions could save lives or endanger them. After leaving the classroom, each night was just as busy. Just because graduation is approaching, doesn't mean we stop training. We spent a night learning how to defend ourselves in a knife fight. We learned how to protect ourselves while disarming the person with the knife. We than put on a white t-shirt and tried to defend ourselves against a person with a marker. The marker was used to represent an edged weapon. Every mark we had on us was used to represent a cut. The training showed us that in a knife fight we might get cut, but can still defend ourselves. After having the fourth of July off, we returned to the classroom. For the last two days of the week, we learned about motor vehicle crash investigations. Each member was already familiar with the basics, this class was more advanced. We learned how to measure a vehicle at a crash scene. We learned how to use a car to determine what happened. We took a trip to a local junk yard to look at vehicles that had been involved in crashes. By looking at the vehicles we were able to see how seatbelts, light bulbs and broken glass can show us how the vehicles collided. By using this information we are able to determine if the witnesses are telling the truth. With only days left until graduation the 57th is still learning.. We have learned that we are always learning. The 57th has come a long way in 6 weeks and is ready to earn the title of Maine State Trooper.

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Lt. William A Snedeker
45 Commerce Drive Suite 1
Augusta, Maine 04330
(207) 624-7281

Sgt Nicholas Grass
Phone: 207-877-8036

Tr. Robert Burke
Phone: 207-877-8004