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Jobs & Training - 57th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 5

Week 5 brought with it some very in depth training. The first half of the week, the 57th learned about the Incident Command System, a system used to coordinate many agencies response to a massive event. We learned what our role would be in these situations. Many times, we would be in charge of the situation because we are the first ones on scene. We learned the techniques to successfully manage the situation to ensure the smoothest and most effective response possible. We learned that we would be using this management system at events like fatal car crashes, search and rescue missions and other major events. We had a chance to look at the State Police Incident Command Vehicle, a mobile command post. In relations to this class, we got fitted with our gas masks and learned how to prepare for a biohazard event. The rest of the week was spent learning about Maine Motor Vehicle Law. We spent two days in the classroom covering Title 29-A. As a Trooper a majority of our time is spent enforcing motor vehicle law, these two days gave us more advanced knowledge of the subject. The highlight for the 57th was when each member had the opportunity to do a ride-a-long with a Trooper. Each member was placed in a cruiser and we drove around the Augusta area looking for motor vehicle violations. As recruits, it was our job to locate the violation. The trooper would than stop the vehicle. This gave us the opportunity put what we had learned in the classroom to work. It was a great learning experience for all. DT and PT continued hard this week. We learned how to assembly our weapon under stressful conditions. We also had the chance to see how to perform tasks while wearing our gas masks. We also learned how to defend ourselves using our impact tool, the ASP baton. We talked about our weaknesses and worked on them so that they would become strengths. PT was hard this week, as the weather was extremely hot. This did not stop the 57th as we completed a 7.7 mile run. With only two weeks left until we complete our training, the 57th is learning more each day

Putting Firearm Back Together Putting Firearm Back Together

DT Academy

The 57th with SP Trainers

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