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Jobs & Training - 57th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 4

Week four was the half way point for the 57th but the training did not let up. On Monday, the recruits had the chance to refresh their OUI detections skills. The Troop spent the whole day going over how to detect impaired drivers. We practiced administering the field sobriety tests to each other. That night, each recruit had the chance to administer field sobriety to a person who had been drinking. This allowed us to see clues that shows impaired driving. The next phase of training involved the use of siminutions. The Troop practiced how to respond to an active school shooting. The scenarios each recruit faced made it feel as though it was not another training exercise. That evening each recruit was given the chance to react to other types of dangerous situations, like a man with a knife, to understand the severity of these situations. The Troop was than given the opportunity to learn how to process a crime scene. The Troop learned how to lift fingerprints, swab for possible DNA and how to thoroughly look for evidence. This class was related to our next class involving search warrants. We learned when a search warrant is needed and what is involved in writing one. We than were given a scenario and told to write a warrant. The high point of the week was when each member of the 57th picked up a cruiser. After four weeks, the 57th is starting to see the hard work begin to pay off. Half way through, but there is still more work to do.

Active Shooter Entry Team

Hallway Clearing Using Cover

One Leg Stand Detailing Cruiser

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