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Jobs & Training - 57th Maine State Police Training Troop

Week 2

When the 57Th RTT entered the classroom on Monday morning, we were greeted with the following quote, "Advanced Techniques are the Basics Mastered." This would be our theme for the week. A majority of the week was spent at the firearms range. We spent all day and night learning techniques about how to become better shooters. Great instruction and guidance allowed each recruit to improve immensely throughout the week.

When not at the range, the 57th RTT remained busy. In the classroom, we learned about Criminal Law, Court Room Testimony and Demeanor, and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. In the gym, we were doing extra PT or learning more advanced defensive tactics, such as controlling suspects on the ground. The 57th was also sprayed by Oreloresin Capsicum (OC/Pepper Spray). Each recruit felt the affects of the OC, the red eyes, the burning. We learned that through the pain we could still function.

The week concluded with a very special moment for the 57th RTT. On Friday afternoon, the Troop completed a three mile run. The purpose of this run was to pay respect to Trooper Jeffery S. Parola. Trooper Parola died in a motor vehicle accident on November 13, 1994. At a local golf course, a golf tournament was being held in his memory. The 57th ran to the course and by the reception tent letting everyone know how thankful we were for the sacrifice he made. It was a powerful moment for all of us and became one of the many experiences that would bring us together as a Troop.

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On the Line

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Lt. William A Snedeker
45 Commerce Drive Suite 1
Augusta, Maine 04330
(207) 624-7281

Sgt Nicholas Grass
Phone: 207-877-8036

Tr. Robert Burke
Phone: 207-877-8004