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The BUREAU OF INTERGOVERNMENTAL DRUG ENFORCEMENT ACT OF 1987 and MAINE DRUG ENFORCEMENT ACT OF 1992 set forth the development of a statewide drug enforcement program and strategy based on principles of coordinated, collaborative effort at all levels of law enforcement that established the MDEA. 

The MDEA endeavors to facilitate a positive working relationship amongst agencies. This cooperative effort, designed to address the manufacture, sale and possession of controlled substances has clearly depicted that when we all work together we can and will attain the desired results. The MDEA will continue to provide leadership in statewide drug law enforcement, support local law enforcement agencies, and assist and cooperate with other agencies to reduce the availability and use of illegal drugs in Maine. 

The MDEA, as a cornerstone of the State’s enforcement strategy to address drug abuse and trafficking, provides the administrative platform for the effective and efficient use of limited resources. It is through the MDEA that the skills, expertise, and experience of officers assigned to its task force groups are brought together as a statewide drug task force.