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When faxing, please include a cover sheet, indicating which staff member the fax is for. The MCJA's fax line is (207)877-8027.

Name Division


Phone Email
Rick Desjardins Admin Director 877-8008

Jack Peck Admin Assistant Director 877-8011
James Lyman Training Coordinator - Impaired Driving, Crash, Special Programs, Law Enforcement Chaplains, Electronic Speed Measurement Devices 877-8009
Alan Gregory Training Coordinator - Basic Corrections Training Program, Methods of Instruction, Supervisor & Leadership Development, Probation & Parole, Judicial Marshals, Corrections recertifications and waivers, Law Enforcement Pre-Service 877-8016
Don Finnegan Training Coordinator - K-9, Intermediate & Advanced Officer, Crisis Negotiators, Investigation courses, Freedom of Access, Law Enforcement training waivers 877-8014
Joshua Daley Training Coordinator - Basic Law Enforcement Training Program, Use of Force (Firearms, Mechanics of Arrest, Restraint & Control, MERC, Interactive Use of Force), Law Enforcement recertifications, physical fitness testing 877-8020
Kevin Kidd Training Staff Development Specialist, Department of Corrections 877-8000
Karen Green Support Supervisor Office Associate II Supervisor 877-8003
Debbie Dalzell Support Office Associate II 877-8015

Nellie Raymond Support Office Associate II 877-8000
Cheryl Twitchell Support Office Associate II 877-8018