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Fire Sprinkler License Application Forms

The application forms are available below as PDF files. If you do not have Adobe Reader to recognize these PDF files then you will need to Get Adobe Reader Free in order to view them.

  • Fire Sprinkler License Endorsement Forms:

    • Fire Sprinkler Contractor (PDF) This endorsement is for the installation of fire sprinkler systems. A fire sprinkler permit (or a "preliminary permission") is required by our office for each job before installation is allowed.

    • Responsible Managing Supervisor (PDF) This endorsement is for the design of fire sprinkler systems and the sign-off for the installations once they are completed to verify that they were installed the way that they were designed and permitted. This endorsement automatically comes with the Contractor and the Inspector endorsements at no additional charge.

    • Fire Sprinkler Inspector (PDF) This endorsement is for the inspection, testing & maintenance of fire sprinkler systems, and automatically comes with the Contractor endorsement as no additional charge.

Remember to throw away all of your old forms, and to print new forms from here whenever you need them. (Prior forms will not be accepted.) And don't forget that it is always good to have a backup file.


If you have any question about whether or not a permit is required, then please call 207-626-3889 or email