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Explosives Regulations

The Commissioner of Public Safety shall make, amend, or rescind, after public hearing, notice of which has been duly advertised in the state paper, reasonable rules for the use of explosives; and the keeping, possession, storage, handling, dispensing, or transporting from place to place in the State of all gunpowder, petroleum, coal oils, burning fluids, naphtha, benzine, and all other explosives and illuminating substances which the commissioner believes dangerous to the lives or safety of citizens. (This section does not apply to the storage of underground tanks of petroleum, coal oils, burning fluids, naphtha, benzines, and other hazardous substances, materials, or waste which are regulated by the Department of Environmental Protection under Title 38).

A "permit to use" must provide authorization to purchase, possess, store, transport, and use explosives. The permit to use is valid for three years from date of issue. The fee for this permit is $30.

Any municipal officer, with a lawful search warrant, may enter any building or other place in his town to search for such articles supposed to be unlawfully concealed there.

State of Maine Laws for the Fire Service, 1997 edition