Training and Certification

With 70 certified SFST instructors throughout the State of Maine, a large percentage of Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA) SFST training takes place off site.  MCJA does offer several in-service classes each year for SFST and SFST refresher training which will be posted I this section.

SFST Refresher Training:  (4 hour class)

SFST Refresher training is intended for officers that have previously completed the 24 hour NHTSA  DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing program and failed to gain proficiency within the 6 month allotted period.  Successful completion of this class will allow the officer an additional 6 month period to complete their field evaluations and meet with an instructor to complete the proficiency process.  Some officers that have already received proficiency take the class as a refresher.

MCJA will post upcoming classes throughout the state.  If your agency has a need for refresher training and would like to sponsor a class in your region, we can work with you to schedule a class. 

SFST Training:  (24 hour class)

SFST training is intended for full time officers that will be working in patrol and enforcing impaired driving laws.  Officers that complete this class and desire to be deemed proficient in SFST will have 6 months from the end of class to complete 10 field evaluations and meet with an instructor to complete the SFST proficiency exam.

MCJA will post upcoming classes throughout the state.  Although MCJA does not often run in-service SFST classes on site, we do run 6 classes per year for the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program (BLETP) students.  We frequently have room for 2-3 students to join these classes if they can not find a class regionally.

SFST Instructor Training:  (40 hour class)

MCJA offers SFST Instructor training every other year.  We alternate years with the Breath Testing Instructor Development program.  Students in this class have to have completed MCJA Methods of Instruction (MOI), be very familiar with the SFST curriculum, and have a sincere desire to teach,  The 40 hour class involves classroom and live teaching segments.


SFST Training Schedule:

December 4 or 11, 2014: BLETP SFST Scenarios