Planning Process

The Bureau of Highway Safety (BHS) is the focal point for highway safety in Maine and is the only agency in Maine with the sole responsibility to promote safer roadways. BHS provides leadership and financial resources that develop, promote, and coordinate programs designed to influence public and private policy, make systemic changes and heighten public awareness of highway safety. The highway safety problems outlined were identified by analyzing available data that includes traffic crashes, traffic citation information, OUI arrests, FARS, surveys and other input from state, county and local agencies interested in addressing highway safety issues. The analysis helps identify when, where, why, and to whom specific safety problems occur.

The BHS annually solicits input from state, county and municipal police, state agencies and other eligible, potential subgrantees who have a direct interest in promoting safer highways. This solicitation asks agencies to list their five most serious highway safety problems and to suggest potential solutions that BHS could consider for funding. BHS staff also regularly address meetings of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, Maine Sheriffs Association, EMS coordinators and others to further gather input of needs and potential solutions and to explain federal guidelines, BHS policy and the application process. In addition to the solicitation, BHS considers information developed by staff members through contacts with subgrantees, potential subgrantees and other highway safety professionals. Problem identification and solution development are on-going throughout the year.